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Citizen’s role is critical in controlling Climate change.

Millions of articles, thousands of research and hundreds of scientists in more than 150 countries have proven that climate change is happening and it’s a serious issue. According to Nature Climate Change study, the outcome of around 27 climate models determined that more than 25% percent of the world’s total land surface will dry up with a 2-degree increase in temperature in the next 30 years.

While various countries and leaders have taken action and planned targets to combat temperature increase, as a responsible citizen every human needs to contribute and do his/her bit to restore the ecological balance.

Thinking of how you can contribute to reducing climate change? Wonder how an individual can help and change the world? The answer is simple, yes, you can play a significant role in slowing climate change. The choices you make, the lifestyle you choose and your day to day activities can help save the world.

Here is how you can contribute –

  • Point 1: Go Green and Build Green – Make your surroundings green. Plant trees and shrubs around your home and streets.
  • Point 2: Choosing efficient home appliances – Extra care needs to be taken while selecting home appliances which are high-efficiency models. Don’t get attracted to recent trends while buying the washing machine or refrigerator or air conditioner. Choose brands which are sustainable and models which consume less energy.
  • Point 3: Next time while you’re buying a new light for your home, go for compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Point 4: Please walk, give your car, bike rest. Use them only for long-distance travels. Walking helps your body, save cost and also helps the environment.
  • Point 5: Eat wisely, select locally grown foods and select brands which are environment-friendly and sustainable.

Besides the above points, the most critical part is getting involved in the climate change movement. Take a few minutes of your time, read the recent news, spread awareness and educate your family and friends. Keep in mind that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will build healthier communities which will ultimately benefit you and your family. It is our utmost responsibility to leave a cleaner and greener planet for our future generations!

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