The Good Animals: A Light Weekend Read

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When we talk about Good Animals, it is usually our beloved pets that come to our mind. After all, aren’t they the little bundles of joy! Always bringing in positivity to our life. It was during a session with one of our pets that we thought of the pets of nature!

As in, the animals who bring in positivity and happiness to mother nature!

So, we began researching and since dogs, cats, bees, squirrels, butterflies and elephants are always considered good and cute, we came up with a list of 5, not so commonly liked animals!

So, be ready to be surprised 🙂 


Well, the beaver is the national animal of Canada and it is for no reason that they have been granted the status. While most people hate beavers for their continuous gnawing on whatever is available, Beavers have been, because of this very habit, instrumental in preventing floods. This is because they create smaller bridges or diversions in the process which help reduce the water flow. Their gnawing also helps in stimulating the soil which further builds up its fertility and hence vegetation growth. Here is a cute little beaver for you to say hello to!

Beavers: The Good Animals


Yes yes! They are the bad boys of the sea but if you can love Simba and Mufasa from the lion king, you should love sharks too! After all, they are just being a part of the cycle of life. Drawing on to this very concept, sharks help keep the ocean clean by feeding on weak, old and sick fish. They essentially remove the weaklings in the competition and let the healthy ones live. We know that this is one way to look at it but hasn’t evolution always been about the survival of the fittest. Thus, unknowingly (and maybe unintentionally too), sharks help with biodiversity and bolstering the gene pool. This effect, in turn, trickles down to organisms like algae which if uncontrolled can devastate the entire aquatic life! So, while you may not like them, here is a happy shark for you!

Sharks: : The Good Animals

Seals and Sea Lions

These are the literal sidekicks of scientists to get an understanding of the aquatic life. They have been helping scientists for a while now by allowing monitors being fitted to their flippers. These lightweight monitors fall off as the animals molt. This helps scientists understand the effects of climate change and about the aquatic life’s overall health in general. The famous effect of “climate change on Arctic Ice”  study was done with the help of seals and sea lions only

The Good Animals: A Light Weekend Read
Sea Lions: The Good Animals


They are literally everywhere! The honest hardworking creatures who keep about their work without bothering anyone. Yes, of course, they do binge eat on our sweets but that is nothing when compared to the level of soil fertility improvement that the ants bring about. These tiny insects keep the entire ecosystem in balance and have been known to clean up the rainforests too! When they dig their tunnels, they also aerate the soil and help in recycling the nutrients thus making the soil rich and healthy for increased plant growth. One can only imagine how many lands these insects have saved from the usage of chemical fertilizers!

Here is an ant which dislikes broccoli as much as you do!

Ants: The Good Animals


The wiggly ones who make us squirm the very moment we set our eyes on them! The works burrow and consume soil, extract nutrients from decomposing organic matter and then transfer all this mix back into the soil. Also, in the process of all this digging, they significantly aerate the soil too! It isn’t uncommon to find a worm coming out of even your garden pots when you do the digging bit!

And since worms are inherently shy and try to be away from the public eye, hiding deep into the soil, here is one who is trying to make an eye-contact!

Do not forget to smile back 🙂

Worms: The Good Animals


Well! This is where we say bye-bye!

Will be back with another such happy listicle soon 🙂