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Turns out ‘simply sitting there’ is not a very bad idea if you want to be eco-friendly. All you have to do is sit on the right bench. SEEDiA brings you smart benches powered by solar energy. The bench is a smart product for a smart city.

The smart bench stores solar energy which can charge your smartphones, provide WiFi hotspot, lighting at night and display information and advertisements. Furthermore, the bench is durable and of high quality. It’s a perfect sitting in parks and plazas as well as industrial interior spaces.

SEEDiA is based in Krakow in Poland. They are all about smart benches. As the world is moving towards building smart cities, this is a high time to innovate smart and sustainable devices and designs and incorporate those in our day to day life.

Apart from covering the basic requirements of citizens, the bench has more to deliver. It comes in varieties. The varieties are tailored for its clients. You don’t go to the website and order a bench directly. Users might need to register first so it can be tailored according to their needs and provide the needed analytics.

-Distribution Module- Manages solar energy produced and its usage.

-Telemetry Module- collects bench usage and environmental data of the surroundings like checking carbon dioxide levels.

-Multimedia Module- displays data and sounds.

“We can program the module in such a way that, in case of power shortage, lower priority functions such as OLED and inductive charger will automatically be disabled”, explains Piotr Hołubowicz, SEEDiA’s CEO. “When it turns out that the given location rarely uses inductive charging, but normal charging spots are consistently used, we know that the bench should have more of the latter, while wireless charging is not a priority”.

The bench can be a highly useful equipment. It can provide information on public transport, weather forecasts, climatic conditions, news and warnings in the area.

This is how innovation can change the way we think. If you think about benches, nothing much comes to mind apart from just a wooden furniture for sitting or sometimes sleeping. But this bench compels one to think more. A lot can be made from simple things. All you need to do is find the solution.