Accelerate Sustainable development through collective action




BuzzOnEarth is an online publication on environmental sustainability, human wellness, and co-existence. BoE aims to bridge the knowledge gap and leverage the power of media to act as a catalyst in accelerating the pace of sustainable development. Our strength is our global audience and we are creating a positive impact through:

Promoting Good by sharing inspiring stories of change from all over the world.

Kindling Imagination by sharing breakthrough innovations and best practices.

Enabling Action by sensitizing and channeling young minds to create solutions.



Awareness creation, Education, Engagement



Sustainability is at the roots of BuzzonEarth. We aim to build an inspiring and highly engaging platform to support sustainable development around the globe. The world is experiencing a shift towards practices that will ensure a sustainable future and we are bound to make it happen.


Wellness is an integral part of our mission. Good health and well-being are a top priority of ours. A good and satisfied lifestyle is the cornerstone of our very existence. We dwell in medium and stories that are bringing a change in our lives and making it more vibrant and healthy.                  


Nature works wonders when it comes to life on our planet. The world consists of millions of species and each and every one has a crucial part to play in it. We believe in a world where every breathing life lives in harmony and peace and exists in a suitable and untroubled environment.