BuzzOnEarth Media is the leading media hub dedicated to mainstreaming sustainability, wellness and co-existence. We are a one-stop-shop for sustainability stories, innovations, thought-leadership and eco-friendly brands. With our audience is in 190+ countries, 7,500+ cities, and growing everyday, we are defining sustainability edge as the new growth imperative.
BuzzOnEarth is rated among the Top 10 sustainability YouTube channels globally, and #1 from India for 2020. BuzzOnEarth also ranks in Top 30 sustainability blogs in a global listing by Feedspot ratings.

BoE has a global audience present in 170+ countries and 5,000+ cities around the world. We inspire our audience through powerful story-telling and transform them from “nay-sayers” to “doers”. Using this unique approach we also provide a marketing platform for brands that prioritize sustainability, wellness and coexistence through their products and services. For further information, please write to us at !