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Are you aware of the fact that most of the water that flows while washing hands, dishes, eatables etc. just bounce off or pass through without even touching anything at all? That’s a lot of fresh water going down the drain unused. Well, here’s a solution- Altered Nozzle, a small nozzle fitted in your tap that saves 98% of water.

The Science Behind the Altered Nozzle

This Altered Nozzle is different from your average nozzle as water doesn’t flow through it but comes out as a spray. It breaks the water into billions of tiny droplets by the process of Atomization. It’s a simple concept. It just creates a fine mist which can be used for washing hands, dishes just like we use normal water, only less.

Installing the nozzle is like a walk in the park. You don’t even need the plumber, just open the standard faucet and fit the nozzle into the existing one. (watch the full video here)

The mist won’t be required all the time, for example, it would take ages to fill a glass of water through the mist. The Altered Nozzle got that covered. With a slight turn of the nozzle, more directed spray flows out. This can be used for filling out containers for which a heavy flow of water is required.

The amount of water is minimized but the quality is not altered. The water comes out with high speed and greater pressure.

Altered Nozzle

Water and Money Conservation at its Best

The nozzle can save up to 98% of water through the mist mode, rated at 0.18 litres of water per minute and the super saver mode, rated at 1.8 litres of water per minute. Even if you switch to higher flow rate mode, you can reduce water flow up to 85% compared to a regular tap.

Along with water, your water bill can also be saved. By reducing water usage, the water bills can easily amount to half of what you actually pay.

The nozzle is not a hypothetical product. It is already available in the market and you can order online too. (for online purchase, visit here)

The nozzle can be easily fitted into many types of taps and it can be installed in 30 seconds. The product is available in different colours and it is designed to have a quite stylish look.

The small changes are what bring the big change. By installing this tiny nozzle in your kitchens, bathrooms, and basins you can fight the water crisis. The small steps do count.

Image and Source- Altered: Nozzle