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This World Environment Day, the people of Bangalore swept the city clean with plogging. This highly instagrammable trend is an activity of jogging while picking trash and it has recently been getting widely popular in many parts around the world.

Swedes came up with the idea of plogging. It’s simply jogging along with picking up trash. It is the combination of the words “jogging” and the Swedish “plocka upp” which means to pick up. Simple. This is the latest trend taking the internet by storm. Originating from Scandinavia, the trend is now paving its way across the UK, US, France, and India.

World Environment Day is a perfect occasion for environmentalists and nature lover to raise awareness about the key environmental issues and make the cities even more clean and beautiful. Moreover, it would also promote good health by making jogging and running even more fun.

The Bengaluru Chapter of SANI supported by the Swedish Institute, Stockholm organized a plogging activity from 7.00 am to 9.00 am at Lalbagh to mark World Environment Day on 5th June 2019.

Sweden alumni of Bengaluru Chapter along with their families, members of various Plogging groups such as Beautiful Bangalore, Green Roadies, Bengaluru ploggers, Robinhood Army and students of Centre for Social Action (Christ University) as well as the general public were invited in the event. The participants were seen walking, jogging and cycling while picking up the trash on the way.

SANI- Bengaluru Chapter provided the participants with cleaning and sanitation kit such as gloves, mask, garbage collection bag, etc., and a souvenir (such as cap/shade) to remind them of their participation.

The plogging started at 8.30 am and finished by 10:30 am. Snacks and water were provided at the closing station, Trash was collected measured, sorted and handed over to recycler and civic authority for disposal.

One day a year is, obviously, not enough to clean the trash that is being thrown away daily. But it will be a reminder, a great way of sensitizing people about the need to minimize waste and promote a healthy and prosperous life, for oneself as well as our environment.