Beautiful but Endangered

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Aren’t animals too cute? We see them daily, be it our pets or the squirrels roaming around and we fall in love with them instantly.

While on one side there is the case of “therapy” animals and humans understanding their importance; the other and grimmer side has been costing these poor guys a lot.

We were just exploring the endangered species around the world to see what all causes we could associate with when we came across the fact that Amur Leopards are barely 70 now.

Yes, just 70 of these poor guys left!

While there have been several nations which have been working towards helping these animals get their population back, a few of the species aren’t as lucky. In this piece, we explore 5 such. There will be another one too fo 5 more so stay tuned!

Again, one last thing before we jump into the stats and names- we would definitely want you to do something about it too! And while we keep doing our bit, it would be great if you could suggest what more we can do.

That being said, read on without further ado!

Borneo Pygmy Elephant

They are pygmy by Elephant standards, they are still over 9 ft tall so do not expect that you will hold them in your arms and roam around. The major threat to these cute little elephants is due to the excessive deforestation happening in their natural habitat. With no trees, these elephants are either forced to come into the civilisation and get shot or they are not able to get enough food to survive.


Green Turtle

Nopes, their shells aren’t green. It is their skin colour which is green and hence it might not be easy for you to spot one like that. The over-harvesting of their eggs, hunting of the adults, and ensnarement in fishing gear is causing a significant drop in the population of these herbivores!


Western Lowland Gorilla

These ones have been particularly affected by the human encroachment and poaching, having seen an approximately 60% decrease in their population in the past 20-25 years. While they are on the “critically endangered list”, yet roughly 5% of the population is still lost to poaching every year.


Amur Leopard

With less than 70 individuals remaining, Amur Leopard will be lost soon if their hunting doesn’t stop now. Surprisingly, these leopards have been known to be decently friendly given their species. The Amur Leopard is hunted for its beautiful fur.



The Sumatran Orangutan remains just 20% of its original population. The 6600 that are left are obviously under danger too. Thanks to their cameos in movies, people are slowly becoming aware of this species and the dangers posed to their existence. However, a lot needs to be done yet!


And since we have addressed the part 1 of this topic and touched the 5 endangered cute species, here is a little squirrel who is really really angry at you for being so insensitive!

Angry Squirrel

Keep following us for more and stay tuned for the animal whispering session we will be having soon!