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You would have heard about our oceans slowly converting into plastic landfill and studies predict that the ocean will have more plastics then fishes in the near future. Ocean plastic is a serious environmental concern where smaller pieces of plastics are choking seabirds, turtles and many species which are dependent on the ocean. As a part of Ocean Plastic cleaning process various small and large companies have undertaken many interventions.

Adidas as a part of their contribution to the sustainability of oceans has sold nearly more than 1 Million shoes in 2017 which are made from ocean plastics. The plastic waste accumulated in the ocean is converted into a fabric and used in shoe manufacturing.

Adidas works on a three-point strategy which focuses on avoiding the use of virgin plastic, the collection of plastic waste from the environment, and redesign footwear and apparel to ensure sustainability in clothing and footwear.

Finally, it is really great to see ocean plastic waste is used practical ways and reaching mainstream levels.

Let’s hope that many companies will follow this.

Image Source: Adidas

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