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The start-up uses 11 bottles to make 1 set of men’s summer swimsuit which is cheap, eco-friendly, durable and yet incredibly soft and stylish.

Summer is around the corner and water-related entertainment is going to be on the rise. People will be heading towards the beach and the pool to relax. But wait, there is one essential item required when you head the water. It is the Bathing Suit. Looking to buy one new, then here is the eco-friendly suit for you this summer from an US-based start-up.

The start-up makes men’s trunks or shorts made of plastic leftover bottles. The American based company Fair Harbor uses 11 water bottles to make one set of shorts. The water bottles are collected, cleaned, shredded and made into the fabric which is then blended into cotton to make men’s shorts. The beauty of the technology is that the product is equivalent to normal shorts in terms of style and feel.

Fair Harbor stands out as a clear organization which supports the movement of Green Fashion. Use of sustainable materials into making clothes and accessories will ensure sustainability of the fashion industry and contribute significantly to reducing ocean plastic.

Image Source: Fair Harbor