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Henning Larson, the international architectural firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is on its way to give Brussels a sustainable makeover. With the Key West urban development project, the Danish firm is all set to bring buildings and houses with rooftop farming and redeveloping the old industrial areas such as canal zone with urban farming, waterfront and community facilities in the Belgian capital.

The project is in collaboration with Belgian Architects A2RC. The project intends to balance urban and recreational life along the canal along with new schooling, training, sports, production facilities and generous public spaces.

The European city, Brussel has always been known for its heavy industries. But it’s now slowly growing into a post-industrial economy. The city center is shifting towards the canal zone thanks to The Canal Plan initiated by the Brussels government. The Key West development will bring the other industrial regions near to the canal in cohesion with central Brussels.

“We were inspired by the Government of Brussels’ ambitions to tap into the spirit of the old industrial area by introducing ‘second generation industries’ ─ local production facilities such as e.g. microbreweries, a cookie factory, coffee roasting facilities. As architects involved in urban planning one of our most distinguished tasks is to create the physical framework for an area like Key West to regain economic growth and community cohesion,” says Partner at Henning Larsen, Jacob Kurek.

Waterfront is the main attraction of the project. With rainwater collection and local biotope to improve water quality, the project aims to provide a beautiful view to the people along with strengthening the connection between nature and people. Co-housing, flea markets, rooftop farms, and gardens are some of the features of the Key West.

Henning Larson has already released stunning images of the plan. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


Image Credit- Henning Larson

Source- Henning Larson