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Fashion, one of the most creative and attractive industry is going green. Not literally though, there are still plenty of colour choices apart from green. The fashion world is becoming sustainable.

The goal of sustainable fashion is to manufacture and market products in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible, with environmental and socio-economic impacts taken into account. More and more brands are rethinking the way they think fashion.

We are bringing you five of the coolest and totally hip Indian fashion brands with a high sustainability quotient. If you love to shop or keen on discovering amazing fashion or just in love with the planet earth, feel free to give these brands a visit.

Image: No Nasties

No Nasties is 100% organic, has 100% fair trade and 100% awesome. The fibers used in the manufacturing are grown using natural seeds, natural fertilizers and natural bug control with no child labour.

No Nasties are against any nasty stuff against the environment. The collection will leave you in awe. The style somehow depicts the sustainable goal of No Nasties. The clothes do have an eco-fashion statement to give.

If you tend to like bold fashion, it is definitely a treat for you. Check out No Nasties here

Image: Nicobar

The brains behind Nicobar are from the Good Earth. Nicobar is more than just a brand, it’s a revolution, a movement of bringing sustainable practices in fashion. The clothing style is “simple, timeless and relaxed”. They also have products for home decor and some really eye-catching stuff of everyday life.

Nicobar doesn’t believe in the quick and ephemeral way of fashion. The design stays and has ways of its own. It is a fashion that never goes out of fashion.

They are shipping free across India until 15 May. So hurry, catch them here. (Too bad if you stumbled upon this article after 15 May)

Image: Doodlage

Doodlage speaks volume when it comes down to fashion as well as sustainability. Their clothes are made using Industrial scraps sourced from big producers. The scraps are patched together to make beautiful pieces of clothing.

The waste that is produced by Doodlage is converted to shreds and used in making pretty bags and home textiles. Bingo!

Apart from the eco-fashion trend, the Doodlage collection will leave you wanting for more. Pay them a visit here.

Image: Grassroot

The brainchild of Anita Dongre, Grassroot brings you stunning collection of natural, handcrafted and hand-embroidered clothes. The brand is keeping the long tradition of craftsmanship alive and in good shape.

Grassroot aims to “revive, sustain and empower” India’s ancient village art. The mind-blowing handmade designs give the outfits an empowering and appealing look in a most sustainable manner. You may or may not be able to afford it financially but you simply cannot afford to miss visiting their website here.

Image: Ethicus

Mani Chinnaswamy and Vijayalakshmi Nachiar is the lovely couple behind Ethicus. Established in 2009, Ethicus is all about sarees. The brand uses eco-logic cotton and designs are finely hand weaved into the fabric.

Every design tells a story and is themed. Ethicus sarees carry tags with the picture of weaver on it along with the name and number of days it took the weaver to weave the product.

The sarees of Ethicus are truly mesmerizing, a treat to the eyes. The design fits with the colour like a glove in hand. Catch the Ethicus website here.

Image Credit: Charles Etoroma via Unsplash

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