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Starbucks, the coffee giant, has decided to take a bold step towards sustainability by ditching the plastic straws. Now the caffeine lovers can carry on with their daily routine in an eco-friendly way.

Starbucks announced on Monday, that it will ban all the plastic straws at all of its 28,209 stores around the world. According to them, it will become the world’s largest food and beverage retailer to eliminate plastic straws.

Plastic straws are used in cold beverages which constitutes more than half of its drink sales. Worldwide, Starbucks uses more than 1 billion plastic straws. The straws will be replaced by eco-friendly ‘strawless’ lids or straws made of recyclable material.

The work has already begun in its Seattle stores. The straws, as well as plastic lids that keep the beverage from splashing out, are already been replaced.

“For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways,” said Kevin Johnson, president and chief executive officer for Starbucks.

The ban comes in the wake of the horrendous effects the single-use plastic has on the environment, especially the ocean. The thin plastic used in making straws is unrecyclable and often ends up polluting oceans and killing marine animals.

The eco-friendly lid

“By nature, the straw isn’t recyclable and the lid is, so we feel this decision is more sustainable and more socially responsible,” Chris Milne, director of packaging sourcing for Starbucks, said. “Starbucks is finally drawing a line in the sand and creating a mold for other large brands to follow. We are raising the water line for what’s acceptable and inspiring our peers to follow suit.”

Recently, Starbucks faced severe backslash for using cups with inner plastic linings. Soon, Starbucks announced to invest 10 million US dollars to make its eco-friendly alternative.

These moves by Starbucks is of high importance and much needed because companies at the top order are at a better position to make a difference. It is one of the widest knowns and trusted coffee brand in the world. Following suit, many other coffee and food firms will start looking for eco-friendly alternatives.

It would also lead their customers, their huge fanbase, to be more conscious about their choices in the future in everyday life.




  1. Am not impressed by this move of Starbucks. It is disappointing on two grounds-

    1. Adding more plastic in the lid is not a solution. Instead they should think of alternate packaging ideas.
    2. For phasing our straws why should it take as long as 2020?

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