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It’s high time the biggest companies in the world invest in sustainable practices around the world. Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), world’s largest brewery, has come up with 100+ Accelerator, a program to fund startups around the globe working towards sustainability.

The startups can get a funding of up to $100,000. 100+ Accelerator is available for academics, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists who can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges hampering sustainable development.

This is not the first time AB InBev has made a move in the favour of sustainability. Last year, AB InBev announced that by 2025, all of its drinks would be made using electricity from renewable sources. The fact would be mentioned in the labels sticking in the bottle. AB InBev has some of the most popular drinks on the globe like Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois.

Through 100+ Accelerator, AB InBev is focusing on ideas that can bring a sustainable change around the world. The program is focussed on some of the most important aspects of the 17 sustainable goals set by UN- water stewardship, agriculture, responsible sourcing, product upcycling and green logistics.

“It’s incumbent on global businesses to play a bigger role in creating a better world for all,” said Tony Milikin, AB InBev’s Chief Sustainability & Procurement Officer. “At AB InBev we have a long-term vision to build a company to last for the next 100+ years, which relies on driving sustainability across our business. Our approach is rooted in the communities where we live and work, and we are well positioned to support entrepreneurs who are tackling local challenges. Through the 100+ Accelerator, innovators will benefit from our resources, experience and global reach to speed their progress and scale.”

It’s a 6 months programme and the registration is open now and the deadline is 14th September this year.

“Today’s global sustainability challenges provide us with some of the greatest opportunities for development and innovation,” added Maisie Devine, Global Director of AB InBev’s 100+ Accelerator. “We want to empower driven and committed entrepreneurs who are solving problems in their own communities. The 100+ Accelerator will draw on our company’s entrepreneurial spirit and our constant drive to deliver faster, better results.”


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