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Denim never went out of fashion since it came into the picture. The rough and durable fabric is an important part of the apparel industry. Be it jeans, jackets, sneakers, skirts or shirts denim always find its way to our wardrobes. Ripped, torn, scratched, dirty you name it and denim would still rock it like a queen.

But sadly, the manufacturing process of the popular fabric is highly unsustainable. The amount of water used in the process of manufacturing denim for cotton-growing, dyeing, washing etc is huge and is no good for the environment.

It is estimated that, 1,800 gallons of water is used to make a single pair of jeans. You can imagine the amount of water that would be required to create manufacture millions of jeans around the world.

Wiping out jeans from the market could be a possible solution but asking people to give up jeans might be too much to ask. Then comes Numero Uno to the rescue.

Image via India Retailing

The Indian brand has launched one glass water denim collection. The denim for a single pair of jeans is made using only one glass of water. The new technology used in making the jeans can drastically cut down the harmful environmental impact of the manufacturing process of the denim.

“We believe that we can create attractive looking denims & protect our natural resources at the same time. This collection is actually an initiative towards revolutionizing the harmful impact of industrial wash processes of making jeans on our environment” quoted Narinder Singh, CMD, Numero Uno, according to India Retailing.

The eco-friendly apparel is stylish, durable and affordable. Numero Uno is dedicated to bringing sustainability into the world of fashion and one of the few brands that are doing that without highly compromising the price.

It’s about time to give a rest to fast fashion and shop responsibly. Let’s start with Numero Uno!

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