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The vegan lifestyle is really picking up pace recently. Veganism is not just limited to food anymore. The fashion industry is also influenced by it. A German brand is selling vegan shoes made from recycled coffee grounds. Yes, shoes made of coffee! No wastage. (Warning: It’s not eatable!)

According to VegNews, a German engineer by the name of Sebastian Thies recently debuted a brand new line of sneakers featuring an “upper made of up to 50 percent coffee grounds sustainably sourced from various regions.” It’s the latest release from Thies’ nat-2, “a luxury state of the art footwear brand based in Munich, Germany,” per the company’s website.

The shoe is made from reused coffee and eco-friendly, 100% vegan components like PET bottles, cork insoles, glue “free from animal products”, real rubber and “signature reflective glass details”.  The stylish brown sneakers, which are 100 percent vegan, have uppers made from recycled coffee beans, coffee plants, and recycled coffee grounds.

The shoes even have a faint smell of coffee and are unisexual. Available in two styles, high top and low top, the sneakers contain up to 50 per cent recycled coffee, which causes the shoe to be smooth to touch and to carry a natural coffee scent.

Moreover, the shoes are handmade in Italy at a facility that practices eco-conscious labour and production.

The shoes might be look-friendly and eco-friendly but they are not really pocket-friendly. A pair of nat-2’s Coffee Line sneakers costs $441 USD. But the shoe’s first run has already sold out.

The brand also produces animal-free shoes made out of mushrooms and has previously used sustainable wood, stone, grass, corn, beans, and pineapple fibres in its designs.