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Domino’s is set to reduce power bills as it extends its renewable energy strategy to more stores in the coming years. The strategy to install energy demand controllers and solar power systems was expected to reduce operational impacts on the environment and electricity costs.

Back in 2017, the fast-food chain had installed solar panels and introduced energy demand controllers in Brisbane Domino’s. This resulted in a 34% reduction in energy usage. Also, it helped in saving 64% of the electricity cost.

Currently, around 70 domino stores have energy demand controllers installed. subsequently, these stores benefitted with energy reductions of up to 22% and electricity savings of up to 27% in the past year.

solar panel installation on store's roof.
Image Source: SolarQuotes

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said Domino’s had plans to roll out renewable energy solutions to more stores, with Domino’s Aspley ‘lighting the way’ for others to follow.

What are energy demand controllers?

Energy demand control system allows us to set a peak electricity usage. The system will then monitor the overall electricity usage, including peak-time usage. After that, it makes sure we do not cross the preset peak level.

These systems have been installed as a benefit of Domino’s partnership with Construction, Supply & Service (CSS). CSS General Manager Earle Strong said, “Solar energy is increasing in popularity for many reasons, by mainly because of its versatility, sustainability and safety benefits.”

Solar power systems are gaining momentum as more and more companies are looking for energy-efficiency. It also provides environmental-friendly solutions for their power needs. Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief, Simon Downes, said that thinking outside the [pizza] box is a great way for businesses to reduce their operating costs.

Domino’s is providing inspiration and doing its bit to reduce demand on our energy grid. It has set up an example to show that investing in renewable energy and energy management systems will definitely contribute to long-term savings.

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