Climate Change and the Earthshot Prize

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It was in the 1960s, that John F Kennedy’s Moonshot proclamation resulted in some of the biggest advancements in the domain of science and technology- the MRI scanners and the satellite dishes being the most proclaimed ones. The Moonshot proclamation however, did not end there and it created a ripple effect which can be seen in America’s continuous advancement in the space of science and technology since then.

It must have been probably with something like this in mind that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and second in line to the throne recently announced the multi-million dollar Earthshot Prize. The prize is aimed at countering the biggest problem which the world is facing right now- the climate change.

The Earthshot Prize is aimed at facilitating the efforts of those who have worked tirelessly towards solving climate change concerns by creating sustainable solutions- either lifestyle based or in the form of technological advancement. The prize would be given to five winners every year starting from 2021 to 2030 with the goal to fund 50 creative and realistic solutions towards solving climate change concerns.

The Earthshot Prize’s website mentions that five key challenges would be identified in the coming months. What exactly would these challenges be and which all patrons would be supporting this prize still remains to be disclosed.

The prize is an attempt at spreading optimism towards the measures being taken towards fighting climate change, most of which have been lying dormant for the want of funds.In addition to identification or invention of new technologies, the Earthshot Prize would also honour steps taken in the domain of policy making and implementation.

Such an announcement from Prince William was a natural step given how the Royal Family has been dedicated towards combating the demons of climate change. While Prince William’s father Prince Charles has been very vocal about his support for the cause, his younger brother Prince Harry, recently became the president of the conservation group- African Parks. Earlier in 2019,  Prince Harry and his wife Lady Meghan, had also vowed to dedicate their Instagram handle to the cause of promoting organisations which are trying to tackle the world climate crisis.

Quoting Prince Williams,

We face a stark choice: Either we continue as we are and irreparably damage our planet or we remember our unique power as human beings and our continual ability to lead, innovate and problem-solve,The next ten years presents us with one of our greatest tests — a decade of change to repair the Earth.”

Prince Williams has enlisted the help of Acclaimed Conservationist Sir David Attenborough for the launch of the prize which would not just bring in significant financial reward but also public recognition for its winners- a move which the team feels will inspire leaders in Governments and Business to collaborate and scale up such projects.


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