Cleaning Office in an eco-friendly manner

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Well, it is not always about keeping your home clean. Considering that most of us spend a significant amount of our time in office, a lot of harmful waste that we generate is in our offices only.

But, waste at the office? How is that even possible? The maximum one does is sharpen a pencil, throw out a few papers, dispose of the coffee cups- none of that sounds toxic right! Then where exactly is this toxicity topic coming from!

Well, now have a look at this scenario. When we purchase any of the cleaning material for our homes, we always make sure that it isn’t too chemically or too toxic. If it is organic, we give it extra points and purchase it. But, when it comes to the office space, does one even bother? To manage such a huge facility requires a lot of effort and budget anyway so spending those extra bucks on the “organic” and “eco-friendly” aspect of it would be a bit difficult right!

Anyway, we understand and hence we have compiled a list of the top eco-friendly as well as budget-friendly ideas which will not just keep your office clean but also help the environment be safe!

So here we go!

Steam it Up

Every office requires carpet cleaning at least once a year. Instead of going for chemicals, one can use fresh steam. It might sound experimental but pure steam softens up even the hardest of the dirt or sticky particles. The things that need to be taken care of though is the pressure with which the steam is ejected. Dyson has, for that matter come up with really eco-friendly cleaning solutions based on the same principle. 

Cleaning Chemical Check

This isn’t tough. All that needs to be done is to check that the chemicals being used aren’t toxic. If they are, probably you should replace them. Also, organic products aren’t as expensive as to make you go overboard with your budget. When bought in bulk, you could get a better deal at these organic cleaners. Plus, your team can make their own organic cleaners too by blending neem leaves and camphor with water. Add some essence if you want to get some specific good smell.

The Power of the Simple Step

This one is pretty simple. Reduce the amount of rubbish on the desks by making a landfill and putting it all in there. Ban the usage of single-use plastics and switch the plastic water bottles with steel ones which people could get from their homes. Encourage people to bring in their own coffee mugs and keep an eco-friendly utensil cleaner in the pantry for them to use. Put signs around the basins and in bathrooms asking people to not waste water unnecessarily. Ask them to use hand dryers instead of tissue papers.

Furnish for the Future

Not all of your furniture gets decomposed or recycled immediately either. It keeps lying just like that either in your office’s backyard or in a dump area. Since you would be upgrading your furniture after every few years, choose products which are ethically chosen and especially avoid the plastic makes. Painted or coated steel furniture is not just sturdy and durable but also recyclable and fancy. Go for that instead.


Yes, because your colleagues know their wastes well too and hence can always come up with innovative ideas to cut down on them. Also, incentivise such behaviour- maybe include such initiatives in your customer newsletter or company’s bulletin board! 

The Indoor Plants at a rescue

Well, terrariums, for instance, small bamboo, peace lily etc are some of the many indoor plants which not just bring in positivity (all the Vastu and Feng-Shui logic) but also purify the indoor air. 

With all these and many other low maintenance purifier plants around, do we really need an air purifier?

These were some of the ideas we felt could help you make your office a more sustainable place to be. There could be more too and we would love to hear them!

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