Combating Kitchen Waste: One Ingredient at a time

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Our kitchens function just like a factory. They take in the raw material, produce a lot of relevant and good stuff and let out wastes. This waste is not necessarily biodegradable. Also, dropping them off in the landfills isn’t always a good option. So, how does one decompose this waste then?

Segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes has already become pretty common across all walks of life but the story doesn’t end there. A lot needs to be done still. This blog talks about the how part of it.


Throwing the wastes into landfills is common. However, composting isn’t just about that. Even when thrown into landfills, the wastes need adequate space and environment to get converted into compost. If not given the adequate conditions, these landfill wastes can result in methane production which if not channeled well can cause more harm than benefit. This is because, as a greenhouse gas, methane has four times the damaging capacity as compared to carbon dioxide.

A good way of composting could be, using some of your wastes as manure for your plants or kitchen garden. Mix them well into the soil and use accordingly. Alternatively, the strays can be fed with them too (not the fungus ridden foods though, the leftovers are what we are talking about here)

Quality old-school cookware

Silicon and plastic cookware are becoming quite a rage but the kind of harm that they do to the environment is immense. But, if we talk about grace and class, then wooden and glass cookware still rule the market. While wooden cookware ensure that your food doesn’t get that plasticky smell usual to silicon and plastic ware, glass cookware are perfect for microwave use too!

We understand that they come a bit more costly than the plastic or silicon wares but then they last long enough to cover up for the costs too! So, in the long run, you are all covered.

Finally, the look and elegance that comes with wooden and glassware-simply unmatchable!

Porcelain and ceramic ware are equally good too, just that the are a bit on the higher end of the spectrum and you may not want to use them daily.

A reusable Container

Not just for the daily coffee luxury but also for measurements or storage containers. Plastic ware comes cheap but the truly healthy and air tight ones are usually metallic. Plus, the metallic containers last really long so one can go for them. The prices are also more or less in the same range so that isn’t an issue either.

For the table top containers, go for ceramic- they are perfect, totally hygienic and super elegant! 

The Jar Story

Now, how about the jars or bottles which you already have but have broken or worn off and hence need to be disposed of? Well, how about a hanging garden? Plastic jars make for excellent plant holders. There are multiple DIY videos available as well which can help you make a good use of your now ready to get disposed plastic.

And not just that, plastic bottles and containers can be used to make good furniture too!

Or simply clean them off well and use for decorative trinkets.


See, waste disposal is a big deal given just how many million tonnes of wastes we let out every year. It is thus important that we tackle this menace well. Just segregating wastes isn’t an option. All of it needs to be treated well too. A lot of onus for this lies with the local bodies. Multiple NGOs who are working in this domain can help take this us as a sustainable model for their functioning too.

Plastic waste can be recycled to form polyester, the organic ones can be converted into manure which can help farmers switch from chemical fertilizers to organic ones and hence help improve the soil quality too.

Basically, the opportunities are endless. We just have to identify the best ones and start working on them.

(At BuzzonEarth, we work towards sustainability and everyone who has an idea, we love to support them too! So, if you have one such, do get in touch)

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