Earth Day 2020: Become A Digital Volunteer Today

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Earth Day, celebrated every year on April 22, is one of the world’s largest volunteer events, and you too can get involved and play a role even amid the global pandemic lockdown. To protect public health during the COVID-19 outbreak, Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is going digital for the first time in its history, and is seeking our help now more than ever to make it happen.

2020 is a historic year that needs to be a turning point for our planet on everything from climate action to protections for our land, water, air, and wildlife. When it comes to big problems, there’s no good substitute for doing something yourself. Here’s what you can do: Sign up for the latest resources, activities you can do at home or online, and ways to spread the word.

Access Earth Day Digital Resources

The Earth Day Digital Action page has some cool digital tools, which can equip volunteers to make a worldwide demand for positive change. Earth Day 2020 advocates that we should do more than go back to business as usual after the COVID-19 crisis; we can improve our shared planet while preparing to solve the next crisis in our climate.

Go to the Earth Day 2020 action page to help the preparations for April 22. Find featured activities, add your action to a map of planetary support, and join Earth Challenge 2020 to contribute to environmental science.

Invite Your Friends to an Earth Day Virtual Event

Grow your voice by bringing others on board. Recruit friends and family to volunteer with you, gather your friends to have a climate change discussion over video chat (including planning next steps), and let your social network know what’s happening on April 22 with #EarthDay2020 and #EARTHRISE.

Put Earth Day Online

Get the word out! If you want to get really active online, check out the 50-day Digital Toolkit for ways to post, share, and build energy for Earth Day.

Join the Earth Day LIVE Telecast

The US Climate Strike Coalition and Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition, who together are made up of over 500 organizations, have come together to organize Earth Day Live. From April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, to April 24, activists, performers, thought leaders, and artists will come together for an empowering, inspiring, and communal three-day live stream mobilization. Find a local live stream and RSVP now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled this year’s Earth Day plans to pivot to digital by reimagining what social movements can look like in this time and age, and how we can still, despite all of the uncertainty and despair in the world, continue to build our movement to fight for a safe and sustainable future for generations to come.

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