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It was heartbreaking to have lost such a happy and young person to depression. The nation is mourning the loss of Sushant Singh Rajput and somewhere all of us feel sad too!

He might not have been everybody’s favourite actor but he had a life. A life, that we lost to Depression. A mental health condition that resulted because he couldn’t share.

We have been so used to ignoring mental health that it feels impossible for us to understand that it can be fatal too! A lot of us dismiss mental health concerns as first world problems. Well not really, your average Vidarbha farmer isn’t having first world problems. He isn’t weak either. It is the depression, the inability to change the circumstances which drive him to suicide.

And it is not that dying or killing oneself is going to solve anything. It isn’t! It is only going to worsen things further. But then, for a depressed person, that is not how things look like! For them, it is they who are the source of the problem OR maybe their dying is the solution. All constructive thoughts seem impossible to them and it becomes hard to make sense of anything!

Mental health concerns are real. We need to accept this fact. That expressive friend is not a “sissy”. The boy who cries isn’t “weak”! They just want someone to listen to them. They are probably more emotional and sensitive than the rest of us.

We talk all the time but do we share? Is the person who is acting so funny, the class joker, is he actually happy?

People hide behind faces- a lot of them just put a mask of happiness for the sake of their loved ones!

Probably it is high time that we see beyond the surface. Probably it is the time when we need to pay attention. Probably it is the time that we have The Talk!


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