Top 10 Waste Management Startups

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The earth is on its way to catastrophe because of pollution and other deplorable anti-environmental activities. Waste and debris count to more than 80% of global land pollution. So waste management can be considered as the need of the hour to save our planet earth. Waste management or waste disposal is the systematic approach of the disposal of waste from the inception to its final stage. It involves regulated monitoring of the waste management process. It envisages reducing the adverse effects of waste on human health, environment, or aesthetics. Waste management includes a myriad of solutions for recycling items that aren’t categorized as trash; that is, they are not bio-degradable. The entire process boils down to reusing garbage as a valuable resource, and given our current environmental climate, this is a pivotal step for all households and business entities.

Mostly all human activities generate waste or debris as a precipitate. It is observed that the amount of waste generated is often greater than the number of waste communities handle a year. The exploitation of resources has made the environment coarse and infertile. Acres of landfills are getting filled by waste and trash, without any comprehensive and pragmatic way of disposal.So waste management is very important to eradicate such environmental fiasco. Managing waste reduces our reliance on landfills, while significantly cutting down the many factors that adversely impact our environment. Also, recycling is one of the biggest aspects of waste management, helps to conserve energy. This helps to create cleaner and cheaper sources of energy, which are environment friendly. Waste management also tries to make a difference to the society and the world in general. While it is completely impossible to get rid of garbage, eco-friendly measures are needed to be adopted to reduce waste and reuse them.

10 Startups working on Waste Management 

With the increase in the dialogue of Corporate Social Responsibilities, many business organizations and multi-national corporations have come up to aid society by diligently working on various waste management practices. A list of 10 such startups is given below:

Gem Enviro Management Pvt. Ltd.

An innovative company which provides end to end packaging waste management solutions in a professional manner is Gem Enviro.The company essentially deals with the collection and recycling of scrap that includes PET, Plastic, Paper. And the sale of merchandise which is developed from recycled paper. The company recognized that in India, packaging scrap collection is highly unorganized and is muddled with many unethical and illegal trade practices. Also, child labour is used for the collection and handling of scrap, which is a blazing social slur. GEM initiated the collection of PET scrap from the manufacturing plants of the Food and Beverage Industries. It then recycles the waste to create many recycled stuff, including Tshirts, bags, etc.

Prithvi Innovations

It is an NGO formed in 2001, which is working in close quarters to transform the planet into a more inclusive and purposeful place where prosperity prevails all around. The startup deals with the issue of polythene and poly wrappers being thrown by households on the streets, which then change places and travel distances, polluting the areas far away from the source. So the company transforms the wasteful polythenes into multi-coloured utility items such as eco-friendly baskets, containers, trays, flower pots, mat, etc. which could be put to multiple uses, especially for decoration, increasing aesthetics or storage for various household items.

Karwak Eco Matters

Karwak has an SBU (Strategic Business Unit) called  ECO-Makhar, which offers products and services for environment friendly lifestyle. Karwak eco products are made of recycled/recyclable material like recycled wood, corrugated paper handmade paper, jute, bamboo, etc. The company witnessed that during the Ganesh festival, a very high level of pollution is caused by various decorations materials, which are predominantly made of Thermocol. Disposal of this huge amount of thermocol is a huge challenge and also a grave threat to the environment.SO the brand conceptualized eco-friendly and beautifully designed “Makhar” (decoration )for Ganesh Chaturthi. The makhar is made of recycled corrugated paper handmade paper is further used to decorate it. It is presented as a DIY kit, which is also a unique proposition to attract customers. This, in turn, has changed customer behavior who now celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner to save the planet.


Reducing home trash can be achieved by reusing, recycling, or composting food waste via the decomposition process, by using worm farms or with special composting devices. Sydney based startup ShareWaste has developed an app that can aid the households to share work on recycling food scraps within the communities, so as the reduce the extent of pollution of landfills. The company presents organic waste, not as wastes but as an unused resource. Their application and website allow registering either as a host of a compost bin or a donor of organic waste. Each individual host can specify what kind of waste they accept and can connect with the donor to discuss arrangements.

Impact Bioenergy 

With the descend of the amount of non-renewable sources of energy and also considering the condescending consequences of the same of the environment, energy-from energy waste is being considered as an alternative source of energy that can replace fossil fuels and recover energy from waste that otherwise ends up in landfills. Impact Bioenergy is a Seattle based startup that offers bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into energy and fertilizers with zero wastes. This is a hybrid high solids batch technology that can quickly process food, landscape, wood, cardboard, biosolids, and manure in a single step. It is tolerant contaminants and integrates anaerobic digestion and composting in a single tunnel without moving feedstock.

Flycatcher Technologies

Studies have made it imperative that the zero waste system offers domestic and commercial decomposer systems that can handle waste transforming into soil amendment or/and a renewable source of energy. This idea has been commercialized by this Indian startup called Flycatcher Technologies, which provides a sealed microprocessor-controlled waste management system with an integrated feed station that helps households to smalls business enterprises to produce energy. The microprocessor converts the trash into various forms of energy like biogas, organic fertilizers, etc., which are clean sources and also which do not have any harmful impact on the environment and its biodiversity.


This Polish company Syntoil has commercialized an innovative method that process tires and rubber waste into industrial products by recovering carbon black. It is a very disturbing fact that the used tires account for over 13 million tons of global waste a year, either sitting in the landfills or being unethically burnt. The company is also planning to increase the number of renewable substances that can be extracted from processed tires, in addition to its endeavor of protecting people, animals, and the environment by reducing the emission of compounds that cause respiratory diseases and lead to various climatic changes.


Xilinat is a Mexican startup that has been trying to transform agricultural waste into a sugar substitute. It is an exquisite innovative idea that has proven to be sweetening the lives of many. The products of the brand, look and taste like sugar and is safe for diabetics, and low in calories. They also help the teeth in the fighting of the cavity of the teeth and having stronger gums. Using farm wastes in this manner produces an alternative to current practices of incineration, which creates about 40% of carbon dioxide, which evenly converts into harmful pollutants. The company has been immensely successful in its endeavour, and in the next three years, they are planning to turn 80 tons of waste into sweetener and avoid 70 tons of carbon dioxide being released. They have redefined waste management.

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is a web-based recycling platform that helps people to dispose of recyclable waste in a responsible manner. It schools people to change their behavioral practices so as to save the planet earth and bring about a change in society. The company has a service framework that also pays the customers back for waste management skills. It is one of that ‘ trash to cash’ service that pays you for your unwanted recycled trash. Pom Pom has also started converting recyclables into raw form, which can be used to create new different products. The service of this startup is an on-call basis, which is very convenient for the modern generation. One can also put the request via the mobile app, which is available on IOS or Android platforms.

Karma Recycling

Karma Recycling is today’s leading trade-in operator and redistributor of electronics in India. The website portal allows the users to trade in over 700 models of working and nonworking smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The company simply buys the old electronic device in any given condition and recycles the same for you. Karma Recycling has the philosophy that a useless device for someone can turn into a useful device for someone else. To sell the used device, all you have to do is to go to their website, submit details, and answer a simple questionnaire. And you are done!

So let’s promote these companies to recycle products and provide for a sustainable future.

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