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All of us remember studying environmental science as a subject when we were in school. We were taught the issues faced by the environment and what we can do to tackle these issues. We were told how we could save our planet and make a difference. But as we grew old, we got so busy in our lives that we didn’t have time to think about how our environment is being disturbed and what we can do as individuals. It is human activities that have taken a toll on our environment. Individuals must understand their responsibility towards the environment and work towards making it a cleaner and greener place to live.

Best Environmental books 2021

The environment has been a significant concern for years. Different issues have been discussed and catered to from time to time. There are many books and tv channels on environmental issues. These can help people keep aware of the world’s problems and what solutions can be sought. They are like an eye-opener for people. Below we will discuss the nine best Environmental books everyone must read!

  1. How to give up plastic by Will McCallum– Plastic pollution is one of the world’s major problems today. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand how plastic waste can be managed and its consequences if it remains untreated. This book, written by will McCallum, head of oceans at Greenpeace UK, gives you an insight into the current state of global pollution plastic and its environmental consequences. This book helps us understand the plastic addition that humans have and suggests impeccable solutions and correct steps.
  2. The death and life of the great lakes by Dan Egan– The great lakes have gone through malignant transformation by pollution and invasive species. The book explains the roots and progress of the environmental challenges and the hazardous social, economic, and political problems they have caused. All this has caused our most significant water resource at stake that is home to various ecosystems. The book tells how to protect these precious resources and save the lives of thousands dependent on them.
  3. Choked- the age of air pollution and the fight for a cleaner future by Beth Gardiner- Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest concerns today. Around 40 percent of Americans and nearly 90 percent of people worldwide are breathing polluted air every day. It is the cause of many severe ailments like asthma, heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc. The book tells the stories of this invisible problem while the author travels the world. The book also talks about the effects of air pollution on the body and how ordinary people are fighting for a cleaner future.
  4. Downriver- into the future of water in the west by Heather Hansman– this particular book talks about the green river’s history and current threats to the river. The author shares his personal experience of her solo pack-raft trip from Wyoming to Utah along the Green River. The state of Green River is quite devastated. The river is being overused and is at risk of depletion as the west is getting hotter and drier each year. The book gives an insight into the future of the green river and what can be done to prevent its depletion, which supplies water to nearly 33 million people.
  5. Inconspicuous consumption- the environmental impact you don’t know you have by Tatiana Schlossberg– the writer Tatiana Schlossberg makes the reader understand how their lifestyle choices can help the environment. The book discusses how to fight against climate change, pollution, global warming, and other environmental issues by working on our everyday habits. The habits could be as small as eating a burger, operating an air conditioner, or watching your favorite movie. The book tries to explain how these small habits can largely affect the environment around us. The writer creates awareness among the readers to make more informed choices and think of how their little changes in the daily activities and lifestyle can make such a huge difference.
  6. There is No Planet B- A handbook on the make or break years by Mike Berner’s Lee– the impact of climate change has been disastrous and how it is ruining the environment is a known fact worldwide. Yet, there is no such effective solution to combat climate change and fight against it. This book by mike Berners throws light on the data and statistics related to climate change and presents a practical and easy to understand solution to fight climate change. Some of his solutions include choosing alternative food options, and going vegan, reducing the carbon footprint. Another is the alternative energy options that prevent natural resources from getting depleted.
  7. Greenovation- urban leadership on climate change by Joan Fitzgerald– metropolitan cities are majorly responsible for the climate crisis and have contributed to increased greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. The book by Fitzgerald explains the concept by stating examples and interviews from 20 North American and European cities to understand the ideas and policies that build green cities. The author also talks about how national and state governments hold cities back on their climate efforts. It also has a chapter dedicated solely to the issue of just transitions for low-income communities.
  8. Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes, Erik M. Conway– the book explains the story of a group of high-level scientists and advisors who ran a media campaign to mislead the public and deny established and proven scientific facts over four decades. The statistics had shown that global warming still prevails and how it is harming the environment and lives of the people. But these scientists denied the facts and made the people believe that diseases like lung cancer, asthma, acid rain, and ozone depletion are due to smoking. The writers take a dig at this dark side of the American scientific community and explain how personal interest and politics misguided the general public and skewed their understanding of some of the environment’s pressing issues.
  9. The Uninhabitable Earth– Life after warming by David Wallace-Wells’- the book gives an insight into what our earth might be like after suffering from toxic air, water shortages, and melting ice in the future. The thought of the planet being destroyed beyond repair is frightening in itself, but it is closer than you think. The book explains how human activities and negligence have caused the planet to be no longer fit for living and how doing our parts can make the planet a beautiful and cleaner place to live.


So, how are you planning to spend your next weekend? If you are a bookworm or plan to read a book, you can consider these options. Our handpicked list of best environmental books will be an excellent option for those who want to understand their nature and the environment. You can then decide from the list above and plan to read one of the above the next weekend with a hot coffee cup. And in case you like watching more than reading you can visit our channel on sustainability on youtube.


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