reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Human activities have taken a toll on the environment. It has caused an increase in the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere, which leads to global warming and the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect leads to climate change and an increase in the earth’s temperature. The researchers have shown concern regarding the increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere and can have significant consequences for the environment if left untreated. The researchers find the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions as it can lead to a global increase in the temperature of more than 2.5 degrees Celsius. The hour’s need is to think of ways and techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a healthy and clean environment. It needs to be done both at the government and individual levels.

Ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Some ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the environment include-

1. Shifting towards green buildings’ concept by enhancing 1.5 million homes’ energy efficiency, new buildings should not be heated with natural gas, and existing buildings be improved to enable fossil-free heating. The energy tax system should also be enhanced with more robust incentives for energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction.

2. Using electric vehicles instead of diesel and fuel-powered vehicles. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the quality of air. China has already done its part by shifting from diesel-powered public transport to an electric bus fleet which has reduced around 48% of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

3. The use of LED lights and bulbs is also getting popular these days. It has replaced the traditional incandescent bulbs. They have reduced the energy consumption to a great extent by around 40%, saving the electricity bill and saving money. By adopting the LED lights, American households can achieve 84% market share by 2030.

4. Studies have shown that food choices could help reduce greenhouse emissions. Change in eating habits shifting towards plant-based eatables- this trend has been popular in the recent past. The use of lab-grown meat is similar in taste, composition, and texture instead to regular meat. The meat industry has had negative impacts of releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and putting a toll on the environment. People are shifting towards being vegan , which is affordable and quite accessible these days. The supermarkets are flooded with such foods as veggie meat, tofu, and tempeh.

5. Encouraging the Use of solar panels at home, buildings, and multi-stories so that coal-based thermal plants can be phased out, which is one of the major causes of increasing air pollution.

6. Following the 3Rs- reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycling half of the household waste can save around 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year. Reducing waste and managing waste efficiently by using reusable products.

7. Planting more and more trees can help in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One tree absorbs around one ton of carbon dioxide in the whole of its lifetime.

8. Fast-moving fashion is taking a toll on the environment. There is a need to move towards slow fashion, which can reduce the impact on the environment. Sustainable clothing can be reusing the clothes again and avoiding the waste generated during production and thus, help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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