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Today we are focusing on making the world a little bit more greener by avoiding the use of plastics with easy plastic free swaps. From purchasing groceries to the use of electric appliances, we are trying to avoid plastic packaging. Do you know about 80 percent of our toothbrushes, shampoo, and conditioner bottles are ending up in our oceans? Do you know a number of our domestic animals and marine mammals tummies are filled up with plastics? The reason is the use of plastics in our daily routine, whether we are at home, in our kitchen, in the toilet, in the office, or in restaurants. We all can do a bit to save our planet and wildlife.

10 easy plastic free swaps for 2021

Here we are discussing 10 easy plastic free swaps for 2021-

Swap the toothbrushes: We can use Bamboo toothbrushes, Aluminum toothbrushes, charcoal toothbrushes, Electric toothbrushes, Wooden Toothbrushes, Preserve Toothbrushes and Pig Hair Bristles which are less harmful to avoid using the plastic toothbrushes which are very difficult to recycle because they clog in the machines and small parts of the plastic toothbrushes stuck in the machines

Wet wipes: Generally, we all use a number of wet wipes on a daily basis to feel fresh and even for our kids to clean them. But do we know that they are killing marine life and adversely affecting the environment as they are made up of polyethylene, a type of plastic that is not fully biodegradable? Many plant-based, organic, and natural wet wipes are available in the market, which is fully biodegradable and fully compostable. They are free from parabens, alcohols, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic preservatives and are totally chlorine-free, which are the best option for the earth and our body.

Period products: About 496 are women out of every 1000 people, so that we can imagine the usage rate of period products by the girls and women. Periods are natural, and feminine should get care extra. The period products are made up and filled with plastics and harmful chemicals which are directly coming in contact with our sensitive body parts. There are plenty of re-useable options readily available that are eco-friendly and free from chemicals. Whether we are using menstrual caps or period pants, we must go for the products which are plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable.

Reusable Water Bottles: Do you know that millions of water bottles we are using every day? And how many plastic bottles are reused after recycling only 7 to 10 percent? Rest are thrown in the garbage near oceans, adversely affecting human life, animal life, wildlife, and marine life as a whole. We can inculcate a small habit in our daily routine of using reusable water bottles wherever we go. It will make our life easier and plastic-free as well. Carry the bottles which are not made up of plastics.

Reusable Coffee Cups: Avoid the single-use plastic coffee and teacups, we can bring our own thermos to the coffee shop, and we can ask for mugs from them. Avoid tea bags, as you will be surprised to know that most of the tea bags are made up of plastics. That plastic tea bag releases billions of harmful plastic particles in the teacup. There are several tea blends that are certified and organic and are completely plastic-free.

Re-useable cutlery and straws: Millions of straws are manufactured on a daily basis, and moreover, plastic straws are impossible to recycle. We must try to avoid using straws in every drink and inculcate the habit of using reusable straws that are not made up of plastic. We must avoid the use of plastic cutlery as well. We must use travel-friendly straws.

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Re-useable food wraps: Can you imagine how much frequency and efficiency our daily lunch and dinner are harming our health just because our nutritious food and fruits are wrapped in plastic coverings. Mother nature has blessed the vegetables and fruits with natural coverings. We use plastic wraps and put that food in the boxes, which are also made up of plastics. We are doing double wrong with our lives.

Plastic-free floss: Regular floss is made up of plastic, which has a chemical coating that is toxic in nature. What are we doing? Are you really thinking that we are taking good care of our health? No, not at all. We are ruining our future. We must use eco-friendly floss for oral and dental health care. This floss is made up of stainless steel and having glass containers.

Avoid detergent, shampoo, and body wash bottles: These small concerns towards the environment and habits can make the environment free from damages that may be caused by the use of plastic materials in our bathrooms. We must avoid using plastic bottles of detergents, shampoo, and body wash. The plastic-free detergents are available: fragrance-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free, easily biodegradable, certified by independent dermatologists, vegan, bottle free, and packaging also plastic-free.

Zero waste hand sanitizer: We are here taking an example of Sanikind company, which is offering environment friendly, refillable, and zero waste hand sanitizer. The mankind refill comes in the market in a 16oz aluminum bottle keeping everything plastic-free.

Natural dish sponge: We do not think even about the daily useable item in our kitchen as a dishwasher sponge, which is non-recyclable, non-biodegradable, and is made up of non-renewable sources like oil and gas. In spite of the polyester or nylon-made sponge, we must opt natural and eco-friendly dish wash sponge.


All plastic items that we generally use in our daily routine have one or the other alternative. The need is to think and apply. We can use Mesh cotton shopping bags, mesh cotton produce bags, reusable snack bags, biodegradable plastic bags, cotton swabs, steel or aluminum lunch boxes, cloth-made makeup kits, and so on. With these easy plastic free swaps we can do our bit for the environment. The government has put many restrictions and legal penalties on using polythene bags, do we really become the person who understands only stick language. We all have to do a bit, as you must have heard, ” Drip fil.

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