Sustainable Furniture Brands

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It can be not easy to furnish your home, particularly when you’re looking for things that are both ethically made and environmentally friendly. Thankfully, there are several low-cost, eco-sustainable furniture furniture brands . These sustainable furniture brands use ingredients derived from renewable resources, recycled products and fair trade, and environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods. The goal of living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is to purchase products that are good for the environment in the long run, meaning they are durable, which helps us reduce waste. When they are discarded, they can do little to no damage to the environment due to their biodegradable and organic properties. So, if you want to help the world by taking a small step toward sustainability, as sustainability is the way to live on this planet ,there’s a list of eight sustainable furniture brands to check out:

List of sustainable Furniture Brands

Mentioned below is the list of leading Sustainable Furniture Brands if you want to make a difference-

Etsy Reclaimed Furniture- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

While Etsy is best known for its handmade and exclusive sustainable products ,is growing as sustainable furniture brand, it also partners with vendors who repurpose and upcycle furniture, such as wooden wall art and pallet coffee tables. Etsy is a registered B Company, which means it prioritises people and the environment. You’re sure to find that one-of-a-kind piece from all over the world with so many artists. Keep an eye out for new designs added regularly. You never know when you’ll come across a one-of-a-kind find.

Baro- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

BARO is one of the recent sustainable furniture brands store opened in Sun Mills Compound in 2014 and has since become one of the most well-known for its upcycled, bespoke, and whimsical furniture. Srila Chatterjee and Siddharth Sirohi of BARO recently collaborated with Ritu and Surya Singh of WOLF Jaipur to create the thrilling show “THRU’ THE LOOKING GLASS.” For this, Baro and WOLF Jaipur selected designers and collectives such as Brigitte Singh, the only block printer who uses water filtered through organic processes, Pulp Factory, which recycles newspaper to create paper textiles, Shed, which makes homeware out of reclaimed Wood and other materials, and Shirley Bhatnagar, who makes stunning anthropomorphic tableware out of stoneware. “Everything in this exhibition is made from upcycled or found materials. Everything has a new life. History is much nicer,” says Srila fondly of the exhibits. Aside from this exhibition, BARO’s quirky shop is brimming with some of the most beautifully designed, rustic, and antique pieces you’ll ever see. The best part is that these beds, side tables, and other pieces of furniture are made from reclaimed wood that has been polished naturally.

West Elm- A  Sustainable Furniture Brand

West Elm is one of the fast-growing sustainable furniture brands—also known for home decor has fair trade and sustainable and eco-friendly collections as well! The brand’s dedication to sustainability and forest conservation is expressed by FSC Certified parts (from dressers to shelves). West Elm provides hundreds of choices in terms of sustainable furniture for those of us who care about the environment, with a passion for responsible retail and beautiful, modern architecture.

Burrow- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

Burrow is the internet’s favourite couch, and it’s easy to see why: these sustainable sofas and sectionals and other sustainable furniture are not only cosy, stain-resistant, and pet-friendly, but they’re both ethically sourced and assembled in the United States. Sustainable Furniture is delivered in modules that can be quickly assembled, disassembled, or rearranged and is shipped in 100 per cent recycled cardboard boxes. Burrow furniture is also free of lead, flame retardants, and formaldehyde, so it’s built to last and keep you healthy.

Differniture- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

Differniture is yet another one of the sustainable furniture brands which Aakriti Kumar created in 2014, “embraces an alternative and sustainable approach to design.” Aakriti, a product design graduate of Parsons the New School for Design, seeks to blend artisanship and versatility in her work. Her atelier follows her zero waste or “minimal waste design” concept, making parts from recycled and salvaged materials as well as raw, non-toxic oils and waxes. Their product line is extensive, with Everything from coffee tables and benches to chairs and mirrors . Their designs are also intriguing; the store has a side table that resembles a moving waterfall and a “popsicle” side table with legs that resemble long popsicles.

Avocado- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

Avocado is a brand of eco-friendly mattress that you might have heard of if you’ve ever looked for one. But did you know that this B Corp even sells recycled furniture, and growing as sustainable furniture brand. Handcrafted in sunny California from 100% recycled wood (without retardants or chemicals), Avocado furniture is made from the ground up to be environmentally friendly. The organisation also donates one per cent of its income to environmental causes and is accredited as climate neutral.

 Sadaya Guild- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

This sustainable furniture brand store in Mumbai claims that Wood is the best material for making furniture. “Wood not only lends itself beautifully to renewal, but it also matures into an even more stable, strong, and beautiful material in its second incarnation. According to the website, “our carpenters first reclaim this wood before handcrafting it into perfectly joined furniture.” The shop reclaims Wood from buildings such as old homes and shops and transforms it into elegant home décor. Sadaya Guild’s craftsmanship gravitates toward a “modernist aesthetic for lounge and dining furniture,” influenced by Bombay’s local environment and materials.

 Thuma- A Sustainable Furniture Brand

Thuma is an internationally influenced sustainable furniture brand known for its outstanding design and craftsmanship. The business, which is located in San Francisco, designs thoughtful sustainable bedroom furniture that is customised to your lifestyle needs. Thuma also provides modern convenience: parts are delivered directly to your door and can be put together in minutes (no tools or team required). They’re also produced from repurposed rubberwood harvested from a sustainable tree plantation. Thuma also gives back to the environment by planting a tree for every purchase through its partnership with One Tree Planted.


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