Why do we need more National parks

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National parks preserve the best of our natural heritage, including breathtaking landscapes, rare animals, and awe-inspiring forests. They, along with other protected areas, are the foundation of our social and economic well-being, attracting millions of tourists each year while also helping to conserve biodiversity by serving as a haven for endangered species. National parks allow for the protection of incredible biodiversity in a variety of habitats. National Parks are important for the safety of land, wildlife, and ecosystems on every continent and in every climate. National parks are most commonly established when the government selects a piece of land that is historically significant, biologically diverse, and environmentally significant. There are currently 4,000 national parks around the world, with the number growing all the time as more countries recognise the importance of parks and the protection of cultural beauty and ecological importance.

This world environment day let’s understand how the national parks are important and are benefiting the environment.

What are national parks?

national parks

National parks are established by the government to conserve biodiversity and preserve the natural environment of the area. They protect the habitat of the animals and are created for the purpose of recreation and education. The first national park in India was started in 1936 as Hailey national park which is now known as Jim Corbett national park. The animals and plants are preserved in the most natural way in national parks.

Why do we need more national parks?

National parks are designed to accomplish a variety of goals. The area should be managed naturally, with the aim of contributing to the protection of local species, the area’s ecosystem, and migration patterns, among other things. The areas are often used to encourage and inform the public, and contribute to the country’s culture and leisure facilities, but tourists should be carefully monitored to ensure that the area is not harmed. This environment day 2021, let’s find out some of the benefits as to why we need more national parks or even parks altogether,

  1. National parks protect the great expanses of wildlife that exist in nature, and they are often focused on the protection of exceptional areas or symbolic or valuable animals. The fact that any alteration in an area’s ecology can have large and unexpected consequences complicates biodiversity preservation.
  2. Spending quality time in nature has been shown to be beneficial to one’s physical and mental health in studies. Nature promotes physical activity, recreation, and serenity, and has also been shown to help people cope with depression. Natural places for people to enjoy and interact with nature are provided by national parks. Even after leaving the parks, tourists should have a renewed reverence for the environment, which affects daily practices such as ensuring to recycle and refusing to waste.
  3. Forested areas in national parks not only protect water supplies, they also help to preserve the surrounding land. By avoiding landslides, avalanches, and erosion, this will save lives and infrastructure. These areas also help to prevent flooding by protecting natural river systems and wetlands. Mangroves and coral reefs, for example, are protected ecosystems along the coast that help to mitigate flooding, rising sea levels, and tropical storms, as well as protect beaches from erosion.
  4. National Parks are excellent places to preserve habitats that are essential to a healthy environment because they are unspoiled. Plants, for example, aid in the maintenance of the planet’s oxygen and carbon dioxide atmosphere, which helps to reduce carbon emissions. Plant roots, for example, keep the soil together and avoid erosion, which has a significant effect on the ecosystem.
  5. The world’s natural resources are rapidly dwindling. According to a report published in 2015 by the National Autonomous University (UNAM), 477 organisms have gone extinct in the last 30 years, which is troubling by any norm. Because of constant urbanisation, deforestation, and human activities, their ecosystems are being destroyed all over the world. National parks are now a viable solution to this issue. There are trees and natural highlands that provide cover for birds, livestock, predators, and preys. Poachers are kept at bay by the diligent forest rangers who look after these national parks, allowing for the sustainable reproduction and multiplication of species on the brink of extinction.
  6. National parks are energy sources that aid in the production of clean, renewable energy while also reducing and combating carbon emissions. Water is also protected and preserved by the national park’s devoted workers.
  7. National parks are important in the sense that they aid in the preservation of a healthy environment. Since the amount of greenery in national parks is constantly increasing, they are efficient in a variety of ways, including absorbing CO2 from vehicles and controlling oxygen emissions. Tree roots help to keep the soil in place and avoid erosion. Since the forest is home to a variety of spiny species, their burrowing behaviour is beneficial for soil aeration, which aids in the maintenance of a healthy soil texture.
  8. Historic buildings built on national park land are protected. They help us understand how people lived in the past and how societies functioned. Many different systems can be maintained, allowing people to learn from history while still continuing to prepare for the future. 

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Why not schedule a trip to a National Park for your next vacation? Besides the fact that they are great for the planet and that you will be helping a good cause, they are amongst the most beautiful places on the planet, with breathtaking views. Many national parks contain very rare flora and fauna as well as natural wonders that you would not otherwise see. Click Here to Know about Top 9 Environmentalists.

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