Buzzonearth was ranked 26th on Feedspot’s list of the Top 100 Sustainability publications and Websites to Follow in 2021. Relevance, blog post frequency (freshness), social metrics, domain authority, traffic, and a variety of other factors are used by Feedspot’s staff of 25 expert panellists to establish their ranks for the sustainability publications. This is the most comprehensive list of sustainability publications on the Internet, according to Feedspot founder Anuj Agarwal.

About BuzzonEarth

BuzzOnEarth is the world’s leading sustainability hub, devoted to mainstreaming environmental Action, wellness, and coexistence. BoE is a one-stop shop for sustainability stories, innovations, thought leadership, and eco-friendly products, with audiences in more than 190 countries, 8000 cities and expanding every day. We’re defining sustainability edge as the new growth imperative. BuzzOnEarth is one of the top ten sustainability YouTube channels globally and India’s #1 for 2020. BuzzOnEarth Media is also included among the top 30 sustainability publications in Feedspot’s global rankings.


Our global audience is our strength, and we are making a good effect by:

Promoting Good | Inspiring Creativity | Facilitating Action

BuzzOnEarth is dedicated to mainstreaming ecological sustainability, wellness and coexistence.


BuzzonEarth was founded on the principles of sustainability. We want to provide an inspirational and engaging platform to help global sustainable development. The world is shifting toward habits that will assure a long-term future, and we will be the ones to make it happen. Our podcasts promote sustainability, renewable energy, environmental conservation, and climate change awareness.


Our purpose includes a focus on health and wellness. We place a high value on good health and well-being. The cornerstone of our very existence is happy and fulfilled living. We live in a world of mediums and stories that change our lives and make them more alive and healthier.


When it comes to life on our planet, nature amazes us. There are millions of species on the earth, and each one has an important role to play. We envision a future where all living things coexist in harmony and peace in a safe and secure environment.


Everyone at BuzzonEarth greatly appreciates the honour to be part of the 2021 list for the Top 30 Global list of Sustainability Publications. We also note that our followers and readers have played a significant role in achieving this recognition. We’re excited to be able to provide helpful information on sustainability stories, innovations, thought leadership, eco-friendly products and the environment while living a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing anything. We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Feedspot.

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