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Sustainable fashion swimwear is not only healthy for the environment, but it’s also quite trendy, so if you’re worried about how exposing netting swimsuit is, don’t worry. In reality, the swimwear seems to be identical to that found in your local surf store; the difference is that it is benefiting the environment and comes from a sustainable fashion brand.

It’s proven nearly hard to locate sustainable swimwear that don’t include any synthetic fibres . When it comes to ethical swimwear, microplastics are still a concern, although some manufacturers are striving to avoid using virgin synthetics. These sustainable fashion companies are repurposing post-consumer waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets to create new performance textiles that are as good as any other swimming suit.

The most popular swimsuit fabrics you’ll discover in a sustainable fashion business are ECONYL and REPREVE. Econyl is the most frequent form of recycled nylon we can obtain, as it is 100 percent recycled and recyclable. It’s created from both pre- and post-consumer waste (fabric scraps) (fishing nets, old carpets). Econyl has gained Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. It ensures that the material does not include any compounds that are detrimental to our health. Repreve is a synthetic fabric made from recycled polyester instead of nylon. It’s the world’s most popular recycled performance fibre, produced from pre-consumer trash and post-consumer plastic bottles.

Lets go through a list of sustainable fashion brands for swimwear.

1) OceanZen

OceanZen is a sustainable fashion and eco-friendly line that employs repurposed fishing nets and plastic bottles gathered from the ocean. Steph Gabriel, an Aussie with a wild heart who loves the water, says her aim is to preserve the ocean one bikini at a time. OceanZen is doing its part by producing gorgeous togs out of trash and recycled plastics, as well as cleaning up beaches and the water, and have received the Australian Ethical & Sustainability Awards for their efforts towards sustainable fashion. As if killer bikinis weren’t enough, the brand has expanded to include eco-friendly water bottles and bucket-list-worthy getaways where you can swim with humpback whales and learn about the ocean!

2) Do good swimwear 

Do Good Swimwear is a women’s surf collective that creates eco-friendly, cheap, and sustainable swimwear. They’re not only accessible, but they also give back to the environment! All of the swimsuits are constructed from recycled ocean trash including fish nets and plastic bottles. Additionally, a percentage of the earnings from each transaction is donated to ocean conservation projects.

3) Remnant 

Remnant is a high-quality, sustainable fashion and swimwear brand headquartered in Los Angeles that develops designs using recycled nylon. Its regenerated nylon is made from ghost fishing nets, ocean-bound trash, and textile remnants that go through a lengthy regeneration process to produce a soft, long-lasting fabric. The bikinis from Remnant are made in Bali. Its seamstresses are paid twice as much as the minimum wage, receive free health insurance for themselves and their families, and are given free meals at work. Remnant’s goods and shipping bags are certified to be biodegradable and compostable at home. Toxin-free and ecologically safe dyes were utilised in the fabric and packaging manufacture.

4) Wolven 

Wolven offers one of the most vibrant swimwear lines of any sustainable fashion brand. Their designs are really bright, making them ideal for all of your outdoor activities. They provide a wide range of designs, from one-pieces to high-waisted bikini bottoms, which is fantastic. Furthermore, all of the swimwear is constructed of recycled plastic bottles! 

5) Bower 

Bower is an ethical and ecological  swim and resort wear company that was founded in 2015. Since 2019, 1% of Bower’s orders have been contributed to the Healthy Seas programme, which aims to clean up the oceans. The business prefers to produce in Europe so that it can pay frequent visits and ensure that all employees are paid according to EU rules and have safe working conditions. ECONYL yarn is used in the production of all of its swimwear. Its shipping boxes are constructed entirely of recycled fibres and are 100% recyclable. Its tissue paper is Eco Packaging Alliance certified, which means that its supplier contributes to worldwide reforestation in regions where it is needed.

6) Salomé 

Salomé is a fantastic Black-owned sustainable fashion and swimwear company that you should know about. They make swimwear that fits wonderfully, celebrates bodies, and empowers us. All swimsuits are ethically made by women in the Dominican Republic, the founder’s native country. Everything is manufactured in tiny batches until the recycled nylon runs out.

7) Ansea

Ansea is a brand that specialises in eco-friendly clothing for ladies who enjoy being near the water. Wetsuits, swimsuits, and premium loungewear are all part of the line, which is made from sustainable materials. The wetsuits are constructed of Yulex, a plant-based alternative to Neoprene that emits 80 percent less CO2 during production. Meanwhile, the swimsuits are constructed of ECONYL, a regenerated nylon created from waste fabric, industrial plastic, and ocean fishing nets. The brand creates its products in New York City, according to stringent labour laws and environmentally friendly procedures.

8) Girlfriend collective

Girlfriend Collective manufactures swimsuits out of ECONYL, a regenerated nylon, and elastane, and is known for its inclusive and sustainable activewear. Its packaging is made entirely of recycled and recyclable materials. Its main plant is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is SA8000 accredited, ensuring fair pay, safe and healthy working conditions, and the absence of forced or child labour.

9) MIGA swimwear

The handicap, chronic disease, and deformity communities inspired MIGA’s one- and two-piece bathing suits (which are designed to be worn by everyone!). The MIGA team interacts with community members during the design process to create bright swimwear that is also easy to wear. Its fabric is produced in Italy and is made of regenerated polyamide yarn that is chlorine resistant and SPF50. MIGA’s packaging is made entirely of recycled materials.

10) Jade swim 

Jade Swim is a sustainable swimsuit company that uses both deadstock fibres and Econyl, a regenerated nylon created from ocean trash like fishnets and rebuilt into fresh nylon fabric. The brand blends both simple and sensuous aesthetics that can easily transition into ready-to-wear and is inspired by New York City and created in Los Angeles.

These were some amazing sustainable fashion brands with gorgeous swimwears. We hope you discovered a few new brands to try out this season and in the future. Don’t wait until the last minute to get a cheap bikini from your hotel’s beachwear shop; prepare ahead for a suit you’ll adore and for the sake of the environment.

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