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The way it is talked about, it seems that climate change is something only the biggies are and should be responsible for. However, environmental protection comes really cheap! A few steps here and there and we would have made a huge difference. In this blog, we will write about the 9 Practical ways that can help us fight the climate change simply by cutting food waste.

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  1. Only what you need!

The biggest and yet the easiest way to fight climate change is to shop only what you need. We agree that compulsive shopaholics will differ but if you buy only what you need, you save on a lot of unnecessary movement in the entire ecosystem. Remember how during the COVID times, we all purchased only the things we needed and yet we all survived. Well, it’s that simple (god forbid though, we don’t need another pandemic)

  1. There is nothing Ugly

As if stereotypes about human looks weren’t enough. What is this entire concept of ugly vegetables? Believe it or not, 30% of the entire vegetation is ugly and hence people don’t purchase them which means that all of that lands in waste. Imagine the quantum of world hunger solution we are looking at if we just act a bit sensible. Also, at the end of it, you are going to chop those veggies and eat them or cook them, why bother about the look then?

  1. That Fridge you got for storage

Another blog is coming on the eco-friendly fridges too but till then, you know that the refrigerator is all about storage. But, that also doesn’t mean that you will store and forget. Also, please understand the difference between best-before data and use by date. They are different and most products are best before which means that they can still be consumed after the said date- hence, please do!

  1. That Serving Size

Especially when you go out. We don’t put any restrictions on how much you eat at your place because those leftovers are used usually. However, at the restaurant, your leftovers go straight to the dustbin. Hence, avoid that! Also, you can re-order instead of ordering in bulk. Plus, did you know about this amazing information that you can ask the restaurant owners to pack the leftovers.

  1. Leftover Miracle

We told you about the restaurant bit, let us now tell you about what to do with the leftovers at home- well, you can make so many amazing DIY recipes out of them. For instance, rice could be fried with n number of ingredients to turn it into delicacies, the chapatis can be turned into parottas, or even tacos/quesadillas, dals can be used further to knead the dough- there is just so much that can be done.

  1. Respect the plate

We talked about leftovers quiet extensively, how about we don’t leave any leftovers at all and eat all that we take. With the quantum of wastage that happens daily, the actual demand for food will be down by at least 30%. Which means that there would be more judicious usage of food, which in turn would result in lesser pressure on the farmers to produce more, leading to lesser use of pesticides

  1. Choose your fish

While we are no one to dictate your eating choices, yet, you can go for abundant varieties such as mackerel or herring instead of the cod or tuna. Also, buying fish from an eco-labelled farm would be a plus. In case you shop local, well then, the sustainability angle is covered already.

  1. Mind your soil and water

Try and not throw the hazardous items like batteries, paints, mobiles, fertilizers, ink cartridges, chemicals etc directly. Dispose them off as mandated for the harmful chemical from these substances can seep into the soil and water supply and pollute the natural resources.

  1. Share and Care

Donate food, donate old clothes, donate whatever you can, it is a very simple exercise- just don’t throw it away and of course, donate them when the stuff is still in good condition for respecting the dignity of the other person is also a great job to do.

So folks, that was it from our side. Hope this helped you get some perspective on how can you fight climate change too- without really taking any major pains!

Have a good day!

See, you soon and of course if you could think of some more ways, you know where to mail us!

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