Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

While Christmas is around the corner, we are all looking for unique and useful gifts to give to our family and friends. But planning a gift is the most tedious part, be it on any occasion. While there are many options in the market, people usually stick to those cliche gifts that they repeat year after year. So, this year why not try something new and gift them something that they can cherish and also save the planet. Yes, we are talking about gifts that are eco-friendly and sustainable. These gifts are not unique but are also environmentally friendly, which will prompt them to live a more healthy and sustainable living. You also do not need to discard the gifts once they are not in use; instead, you can recycle and reuse them. Isn’t it cool! We have rounded up 8 such eco-friendly gift ideas for you to choose from.


8 eco-friendly gift ideas for any occasion

1. What can be a more perfect gift than the reflection of nature itself! A bamboo plant is the best gift you can give your friends and family or any associate. It provides a feeling of tranquillity and complexity that qualifies it as a tasteful gift with an individual touch, and also, a bamboo plant is supposed to be an image of best of luck and thriving in different legends, so it carries with it a feeling of inspirational tone for the gift collector. To add more appeal to the gift, one can arrange bamboo plant hampers that are accessible online at Gift Across India at a sensible cost and give their friends and family the best gift they have at any point gotten!


2. With the expanding mindfulness regarding plastic bags and their horrible impact on the climate, it is a fairly sensible decision to move to something more practical and harmless to the ecosystem elective like a jute handbag! A reusable shopping bag is the best eco-friendly gift one can get in India for that multitude of shopping binges and week by week vegetable business sectors that trap the pith of Indian culture. Particularly after the plastic bags ban, an adorable reusable shopping bag probably customised with their names or initials on it will make your family and friends go gaga over it, and they’ll value your idea behind the gift.


3. Since you might be somewhat of a moderate, it doesn’t mean you would rather not look pretty with a tad of bling to a great extent! These modest armbands are wonderful when you’re searching for sustainable gems for that unique individual in your life. With splendid shadings and happy, beachy energy, they will adore these lightweight and responsibly made wristbands.


4. If finding the right gift befuddles you even with the variety of choices accessible, shut your eyes and go with an eco-friendly Hydro-flask that can be easily carried anywhere! Later, plastic bags and plastic jugs are probably the main motivation behind the stores of plastic waste we are responsible for. With everybody intentionally attempting to save the climate in India and across the globe, hydro-flasks are a huge rage right now. They are easy to carry and keep one from adding to the plastic jug squander by going proficient and practical.


5. One of the eco-friendly gift ideas is the organic brushes and cleaning supplies that look astounding yet work similarly. With various kitchen tools– whatever that job might be – these are durable, simple to clean, and will leave behind a shimmering surface. Regardless of whether you use them for your kitchen, in the sink, doing dishes manually, in the restroom tub, or some other room of the house, these will turn into your new closest companions. These can be practically given as a gift on any occasion. 


6. How about an eco-friendly gift box with some sustainable goodies inside? A good idea. This magnificent and heavenly eco-friendly gift box will be so valued. The person will feel spoiled and love the locally sourced eucalyptus shower steamer, the body polish, the coconut-oil candle, the charming measuring spoon, cleanser, all bundled in an exquisite wooden box with a lattice pack.


7. This gift idea may not look very pleasing to certain individuals, yet these days, each step we can take towards being cognizant purchasers is amazingly fundamental. A home composter is a staggeringly valuable gift that will help your friends manure their food waste with no issue. Carrying on with a zero-waste lifestyle may be troublesome considering our ingrained purchaser culture. For individuals attempting to accomplish this objective with extra special care, a composter is one of the best eco-friendly gift ideas. 

8. Keeping the tap running while at the same time brushing and neglecting to wind down the lights when you leave the room: Do you know what’s normal? Our imprudence with regards to saving our diminishing resources! In any case, your eco-companion should put forth attempts to save each drop of water and each moment of power for a greener planet. So help them achieve their main goal by getting smart home sensors as eco-friendly presents for any occasion. These sensors will consequently wind down the lights when they leave the room, and the water sensors will empower them to save gallons of water consistently.


Saving our planet and making it a better place to live in is one of our fundamental responsibilities as conscious citizens. Although we are all doing our part and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, these eco-friendly gift ideas will encourage and prompt them to do something for their planet and at the same time, they can cherish the gifts for life long. So make wiser and sustainable decisions with these fantastic eco-friendly gift ideas for any occasion. 


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