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Delhi is combating air pollution through technology now. The government of Delhi has installed an ‘anti-pollution tower’ under the Indraprastha Marg flyover. The towers are designed to clean the surrounding air.

Delhi has been continuously listed as the most polluted city in the world. According to a list by WHO, Delhi has secured the top position in pollution. During winter in North India, the smog makes the air very dangerous to breathe.

The anti-pollution towers have exhaust fans that captured the polluted air and the air is filtered through a process that removes 90% of the particulate matter. After the filtration, the fresh air is pumped out.

The towers are designed by a Maharashtra based startup company pi Greentech Solutions. The 5 ft tall and 2 ft wide tower works on ‘Carbon Cutter Machine’ principle which captures and stores the particulate pollutants and converts it into usable residue.

The tower are being tested to see if they are really effective in keeping the pollution below the bar. If successful, more such machines would be installed in the city.

At least six to seven more such anti-pollution towers will be set up at different locations of the city to curb air pollution, especially at busy traffic intersections. Once the trial is completed the government will decide the future course of action,” a government spokesman said.

These towers are being installed in many cities across the world to fight air pollution. China and Poland have already set up the towers.

“Such purifiers are known to work indoors. But in a city like Delhi, where pollution levels are high, whether dynamic and sources of pollution multiple, such devices won’t achieve the desired results. We have to be more serious on cutting down pollution at the source,” said Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director (research and advocacy) at Centre for Science and Environment.

The towers and their activity will be monitored regularly and the results will decide if further actions need to be taken to set more towers across the city.



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