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Today, the mother nature demands from her able and competent children to come forward and spare a little time and devote a little attention to find the solutions to multiple challenges created by ever growing needs of ever-growing population of mankind particularly in certain unfortunate geographical regions of the globe where greed of certain affluent local people in conjunction with some short-sighted unjust and dishonest people of other regions have caused considerable damage to nature’s health to fulfill their own petty wishes.

Today we see that the ever deteriorating health of nature has spread far and wide enveloping our entire globe and thus threatening to wipe off the life which is the very essence of this planet. Through this innovative approach, we can move in that direction a little more closer to find permanent solutions to those challenges while at the same time continue to grow and keep developing to fulfill our genuine needs to make our home planet a better place to live not only today but even during the future. Am happy to note this bold initiative and wish all concerned a very successful execution of this effort.God bless!


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