dumb ways to kill oceans

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You must have heard of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, the popular game which is about, well, dumb ways to die, kind of self-explanatory. Now their makers are continuing the legacy. Their new game is ‘Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans’.

The game was launched on ‘World Oceans Day’ highlighting the importance to protect the oceans from pollution. You can play the game on your desktop (here) and is also available as an in-app advertisement.


Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans consists of three mini-games. The first one asks you to fish out the plastic products from the water in just 20 seconds.

The second one is a tiny scramble.

The third game is to colour the coral underwater.

The game won’t take more than five minutes of your time but it will make you aware of the poor health of oceans. After each mini-game, it informs you of some fact related to the ocean pollution.

Moreover, the game calls for action too. It asks players what would they do to reduce plastic for example if they would give up straws, carry their own water bottles and bags or do nothing about it! The choice is yours and we hope you make the right one.

The game attracts with its simplicity and cute graphics and it highlights some of the topics of utmost importance- plastic pollution in oceans, global warming, and fastly disappearing coral reefs.

The game comes from Playmob. Its predecessor, ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ is an award-winning campaign aimed at reducing accidents on Melbourne Metro. It even has its own theme song and it’s pretty catchy.

Playmob CEO, Jude Ower said, “this is our next step towards understanding what people know about global issues like those highlighted in the game and the lengths they are prepared to go to play their part in a solution.
“Our long-term plan is to validate and establish positive behaviour change and outcomes through the medium of gaming and we are encouraged by our supporting partners and collaborators who have come together in the spirit of Global Goal 17 with a focus on Goal 14 “Life Below Water”.

The UN global goals are at Playmob’s core, as mentioned on the game’s website.

Gaming is a very powerful media to connect with players. It’s a two-way conversation and requires user engagement as well as attention. Rather than looking at a screen and simply reading the written facts is not highly effective when dealing with a generation with butterfly brains.

‘Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans’ is making you smarter for a smart world. ‘And the world starts with our Oceans’.