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Dustbin liners are so useful, they help in avoiding the dustbin from becoming messy. But the popular dustbin liners like plastic covers are not eco-friendly or biodegradable. It would be nice to use an eco-friendly dustbin liner that is made out of biodegradable materials.

greenBUG is a Bengaluru based startup which provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic dustbin liners. greenBUG makes dustbin liners using newspapers, starch, and jute. The process of making these liners seems simple enough – we need only newspaper, starch, and a stencil to make the folds in the bags, and the tie-strings are made of jute. The starch is used in place of traditional glue to hold the bag together. These dustbin liners are strong enough to handle both wet waste and dry waste just like plastic covers. It can handle wet and moist kitchen waste but not liquids.

greenBUG also provides employment to women and help them make a living. These eco-friendly dustbin liners are hand made and require no chemicals, electricity, and fuel.

Well, these dustbin liners are undoubtedly a good alternative to plastic covers but the cost of these liners is not as cheap as the plastic covers. But then, the real cost of using plastic garbage bags in terms of what it does to the environment is not factored into its price. That is why they are so cheap. 

This initiative taken by greenBUG is a small step to reduce the impact of plastic covers. These small steps can lead a way to a big change.

Image- greenBUG