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With most of the elephant species on the verge of extinction, endangered or vulnerable, Ivory Ella is a fashion brand with a mission to save the declining population of elephants. Ivory Ella is affiliated with ‘Save the Elephants’ organization.

Founded by 5 people in Connecticut in 2015, Ivory Ella sells clothing, phone cases, water bottles, jewellery, bags and other accessories. 10 percent of the annual profit through the purchases goes to saving the elephants. They have raised $1.6 million to Save The Elephants charity and other organizations also.

ivory ella
Ivory Ella Store/ Twitter

The idea struck the Ivory Ella team due to the daily horrific stories of brutal elephant poaching in the news as well as the overwhelming love and support of the people for the elephants. So, they planned to create something that customers would not only wear but also take pride in.

The first tee shirt by Ivory Ella launched on 18 April, 2015 supporting original elephant designs and sold out of all 500 in just 17 minutes! Within a week, 500 orders turned into 7,000. The elephant tee was a big hit. And the trend continues.

The brand website is a beautifully designed space for some cute and eye-catching apparels and accessories. The styles are trendy, beautiful and are now available in collections also. The logo is a cute little heartwarming elephant. Ivory Ella collection sets itself apart in a mesmerizing way.

ivory ella

The brand tied up with Save The Elephants, an international organization on a mission to secure a future for elephants and to sustain a future for elephants and to sustain their natural habitat.

On a visit to Africa’s Save The Elephants’ base camp in Kenya, the team learned that one elephant dies every 15 minutes in Africa. This fueled them to work even harder to save the biggest mammal on the planet.

The guiding principles for Ivory Ella are empathy, creativity, strength and loyalty, the noble traits of the mighty elephants.

Recently, Ivory Ella has also fronted a campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with the help of the 16-year-old Megan Bugg, a childhood cancer fighter and patient advocate. A collection co-designed by Bugg is on the website featuring a blanket, pop socket, baseball hat, bracelet, long sleeve t-shirt and water bottle. The profit from the sale will go to Megan’s doctor for research and supplies.

In a world filled with various brands and plenty new brands launching every other day, it’s always difficult to choose one. Let’s bend our choices for a good cause. Why not go for a brand with a mission and a conscience? For a change, or bringing a change, let’s switch to ‘Good Clothes For a Good Cause’.