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The world faces huge challenges with numerous issues that affect community health. The topmost challenge is the access to clean and safe water. In many places water is available, but they are contaminated with millions of impurities. To address the water problem, a Japanese company called PolyGlu International has come up with a low-cost purification technology. The company has named the product PolyGlu which consists of just powder. Yes, a powder is mixed with dirty water and then left for a while. The results are shocking, the dirt in the water settles at the bottom leaving clean water on the top. Later the water can be filtered and used for drinking. The technology is attractive in the sense that only small amount of powder is required for the coagulation process making it affordable for rural people. One gram of the powder can treat up to 5 to 8 litres of polluted water depending on the water contamination.The powder has already been successfully used in Asian and African countries covering India, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Tanzania.


Check out the video link below to see the amazing demo!

Source: Business Inside