At the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, we are committed to grooming leaders with value-based education. This commitment extends to our management fest AGON, where our emphasis is on the eclectic growth of our participants. We endeavour for holistic development of individuals, institutions, and society at large by developing the perspective of harmonious coexistence with society and the environment.

The unsustainable use of natural resources can not only violate the balance of nature but also threatens to make the planet completely uninhabitable. To curb this menace, we thought of initiating a drive aimed at sustainability right from our institute.

In Agon, we strive to promote a sustainable mindset and work each day towards reducing our consumption of resources. We are aware of the impact our seemingly innocuous actions may be having on the environment, and we make a conscious effort towards minimizing this impact. This is how we bring the “Holistic development of individual, institutions and the society at large” value imbibed in the mission of IIM Ranchi to life.

We strive to make Agon as paperless as possible. It pains us when we see paper being wasted in printing an abundance of promotional material that eventually holds no value. Hence, we restrict ourselves from printing promotional material and instead focus on online promotions and marketing campaigns.

Our commitment towards a paperless Agon extends beyond promotions. We also ensure, to the best of our ability, that the proceedings at Agon involve minimal use of paper. We are consciously shifting towards online rounds to fulfill this. Barring flagship events, most of our rounds now take place online. Also, the evaluation for flagship events that do take place at the campus has also been taken over by technology, with all the communication for the event, including the result, taking place via mail.

We realize that, despite our best efforts, some paper will be used for smooth functioning and basic promotion of the event. Moving forward, we pledge to recycle the paper used for Agon.

We, in our own little way, also believe in contributing towards reducing fuel usage for a more sustainable future. For some of our rounds, we are taking the digital route. The judges will be connected to us via teleconferencing, instead of flying down to Ranchi.  

Any food or refreshments left at Agon will be fed to animals rather than thrown away. We’ll also be making sure the food is disposed of in a proper way so that it can be consumed by animals harmlessly.

We, at IIM Ranchi, are very conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment, and through these initiatives, we persistently remind students of the same. In line with our values, we endeavour to develop the capabilities of participants to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy.

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