Making your Makeup Kit sustainable

An IIM-Indore Grad, Shatakshi is a published writer, awarded twice by the President of India. She tries keeping it humble though and is always ready to discuss ideas!

Let us start with a few facts in perspective! About 150 million tonnes of plastic is currently polluting the world’s oceans and about 13 million of it is dumped year on year with no respite. 

With that, now look around your dressing table or have a look at your makeup shelf and in some cases, look at the implants and think of the injections or threads that you have used to look good. How much of that is plastic? About 80% on a strict estimate and if we go a bit liberal then nothing less than 95% of your entire makeup stuff is anything but plastic!

And where does this one go?

Well, some would land in landfills. The other would again go to the ocean!

Hence, if you were thinking that you were leading a pretty sustainable lifestyle, you might have to think it through yet again!

The Major Problem

Now, before you derive any conclusions based on what we just wrote- please see that we aren’t trying to blame anyone for it! It is really tough to pay attention to each and everything and the sustainability or environmental friendly component of it. At Buzz of Earth, we feel that making an average person aware of what they could avoid or do to make the earth a better place to live in is a big step towards sustainability too.

The Governments of all the nations are also taking steps in this direction, each at their own level. For instance, the use of microbeads has been banned, The packaging has also been made to return to the usually recycled paper boards. These and many others.

Now, when we talk of beauty and hence makeup, we do not really expect you to give up on it completely because of the environment. Of course, it would be an ideal choice to make but we know it isn’t practical to expect it. Hence, in this blog we are also mentioning 5 sustainable beauty brands which you could look at. These aren’t your unusually expensive ones but they are definitely the non-plastic environment-friendly sustainable ones. We mention them in the next section.

Some Brands to Look At


This brand has its lipstick tubes made of aluminium which can be recycled once the lipstick is over. Plus, the cover is made of recycled paper which is created by a women-owned boutique. The box can be recycled or composted too. The firm is completely cruelty-free and vegan plus donate a percentage of their profits to PETA, Orangutan Foundation and other humanitarian societies.

Now, coming to the makeup side of it, the brand has some really good colours to offer and some really fun lipstick colours too. If you prefer an elegant look then this would be the brand for you!

Antonym Cosmetics

A certified organic, cruelty-free vegan brand, Antonym has a range of eyeshadows, blushes and brushes at the offer. These products are made out on bamboo palettes while their outer packaging is made of FSC certified recycled paper.

Try them if you have a flair for quirky and also fancy packaging.

Kjaer Weis

What sets them apart is that they offer refills for their products. That is, you do not have to purchase their eye shadow or mascara again! You can just refill them. Also, their compacts are made out of stainless steel instead of bamboo which makes them 100% recyclable.

The refills are also packaged in compostable paper. Their eye shadow palette is definitely worth a try!

Tata Harper

Not from the house of Tata just to clarify but this brand started as a fight against skin cancer. Their products are totally natural. They do use plastics in their packaging sometimes but mostly it is glass which is recyclable. Tata Harper has a wide range of products but their lipsticks and compact sell the most. Since we are writing basis the user reviews only, we feel that they should be worth the try.


The last one in our list for this blog, Besame is also another beauty brand which offers a refill. They are famous for their vintage shades and completely plastic-free products. They haven’t really gone global with their products but if you happen to visit LA, do visit their store too.