Mother's day

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This Mother’s day, there’s no need to scramble around looking for a special gift for that special person. While it may seem impossible to present your mother with a gift that is even anywhere close to how much she means to you, how about a gift that not only symbolizes your love for her but is one that indirectly favours Mother Nature as well. So ditch those plans of cooking a not-so-great meal for her because here at BuzzOnEarth, we have put together a list of eco-friendly and sustainable gifts that will totally make her day.

Acure Beauty Products

Mother's day

This brand offers a wide range of organic beauty products like brightening facial scrubs to clarifying shampoos and conditioners and essential oils. Acure is a brand founded on core sustainable principles in order to provide the highest quality skin and hair care. All of their products are vegan and with no parabens, sulfates or paraffin. They are a brand that does not carry out animal testing. If you wish to gift your mother top quality products with no harmful side effects too, this is the place to shop at.

You can find any product ranging from serums, masks, cleansers, etc here and here.

Saahas – Recycled Stationery Products

Mother's day

If you are in the mood to gift your mother some notebooks or a diary to write something in, Saahas is a great option. You can find notebooks with pretty designs made of recycled paper as well as hardbound diaries. There are other fun items that include recycled Tetra Pak Chipboard Trays and recycled t-shirts. Take your pick over here.

Vrindavan Farm – Organic jams/chutneys/tea

Mother's day

This is one of the best organic farms to visit located in Wada, Maharashtra. They produce various kinds of herbal teas in exotic and colourful flavours like Mango Cha, Banana Cha, Preserves/Jams/Chutneys in the flavours of Green Mago Mint Jelly, Wildberry Jam, various kinds of spices like Moringa Powder, and other types of gifts like artisanal tea boxes, jute bags etc.

Their motto states “We’ve realised that the way we cultivate and nurture the earth keeps us healthy. The earth provides plenty to eat, but managing this vast resource and using it mindfully is what we need to work on.” This will make for a very special gift as the products offered are of such a delightful variety, you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere else.

You can either visit the farms and pick up what you like or order from here or here.

Bakeys – Sustainable Cutlery

Mother's day

We are all well aware of the threats that continuous usage of plastic poses for us. Sea animals are choking on the plastic waste that we dump into our waters. The plastic problem is an insidious one with no direct remedy. All we can do is discard the use of plastic wherever possible and swap it for some other biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative. Bakeys Edible Cutlery is exactly what its name indicates wherein the cutlery comes in three flavours – savoury (salt and cumin), sweet (sugar) and plain. This is a win-win situation as not only is the cutlery bio-degradable but also edible! In 2018, Bakeys had partnered with Cafe Coffee Day to be their main supplier of these spoons. They are natural, they are bio-degradable and best of all they are tasty.

You can order some Bakeys Edible Cutlery here.

All in all, make sure you celebrate a sustainable Mother’s Day!



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