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Disposable plastic pens are so 70s now! And they’re doing more harm than good to the planet. For a sustainable change, bioQ is bringing the green revolution to stationery items. From bamboo pens to plantable notepads, bioQ aims to provide stationery products made of “…biodegradable and organic materials that pose minimum or no danger to the environment.”

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According to bioQ, every day 30 million of disposable ball pens are manufactured in the world adding to 1500 tons of plastic waste daily. Thousands of trees are being cut down for pencil and paper manufacturing.

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The fascination with brand new stationery cannot be replaced with digitalization. Bibliophiles and artists know it best. No matter how many books you have on your Kindle, you are bound to long for the touch and smell of the pages, the book cover and its binding, the sound of pencil on a paper…let’s not get carried away here!

So instead of trying to cut down on stationery, bioQ is bringing many cool alternatives so you don’t have to deal with your stationery addiction to save the planet.

bioQ is providing bioGROW Plantable Stationery Kit consisting of one plantable notepad and one round box containing 5 plantable pencils and 5 plantable pens. The whole kit comes in a jute bag netted from one side. The instructions to plant it after use are also mentioned clearly in the kit.


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The notebook is made of 40 A5 cartridge papers especially designed for efficient work. Planting the seeds from the used product is like a walk in the park, perhaps easier than that.

The pencils are made from fully recycled paper and coated with chemical-free edible colours. In seed pencils, seeds are plugged into the pencil with the help of a capsule that can be planted easily once the pencil is too short to use. One of the most amazing features is that the pencils come in different colours representing the colour of the plant.

Apart from these, bioQ has a range of eco-friendly products. Check those out here. We hope these will end up on your working desk soon.

Featured Image: Emma Matthews via Unsplash