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For all the environmentalists out there who are also couch potatoes, it’s good news for y’all. A motivation for all, who keep reminding themselves that one morning they will go for a run or hit the gym regularly but fail to do so. Plogging is here!

Swedes came up with the idea of plogging. It’s simply jogging along with picking up trash. It is the combination of the words “jogging” and the Swedish “plocka upp” which means to pick up. Simple. This is the latest trend taking the internet by storm. Originating from Scandinavia, the trend is now paving its way across UK, US, France, and India.

Although it’s nothing out of the box innovation, just because its the latest trend people are adopting it worldwide. Instagram is filled with people posting pictures of themselves along with the amount of trash they collect.

Lifesum, a fitness app that tracks calories burned by its users, showed that the eco-friendly plogging burns more calories than simply jogging. 288 calories can be burned from 30 minutes of plogging. In Plogging, users are required to bend and bear the weight of garbage while running, which leads to more workout and more calories loss.

People in India are taking plogging to a new level. They are introducing plogging in hiking too. An increasing number of people go hiking these days, the plastics and garbage are increasing in the isolated areas and no one goes to clean it up. So hikers are going plogging themselves. In Bangalore, a ‘Plogging Party’ is being hosted for people who love to camp and clean the forests. People are cleaning up the beaches filled with litter too.

This is a welcome trend. It not only cleans up the city but keeps the joggers healthy too. On top of it, it inspires many to do so. Well, it’s quite difficult to carry on with the trend in Indian streets due to excessive garbage. One has to stop every few seconds in order to pick up trash. But let’s not lose hope, maybe after some time, it would be difficult to find anything to pick up. That’s what we’re hoping for.

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