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When it comes to witty humour, Twitter knows how to keep the party rolling. Zoos and aquariums on twitter came up with #RebrandASpecies, renaming their animals on how their looks and their characteristic behaviour.

The results were super adorable and of course, hilarious and had the whole internet rofling. With more people joining in the fun, new names came flooding in. Here are some of the best ones that will make you question why these animals are called what they are called when the alternative is much more relatable.

1. Orangutan is a strange name, if you think about it!

2.  Spikes never go out of fashion.

3. Everybody needs personal space, even fishes!

4. Pangolins are more popular in the Pokemon world than in real life! 

5. Accuracy 10/10!

6. Otters, teddy bears of the water world.

7. Nativity in Black

8. Dinosaurs are not that scary!

9. African Wild Dogs- when your body is art!

10.  Bag ’em all!

11.  The wrong part of the neighborhood.

12.  A shower must-have!


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