All of us felt good to see the beautiful landscapes of our respective cities returning back to their usual glory once we all got locked out in our homes. Sadly though, it was one bad thing triggering some good for the Mother Nature!

It does not necessarily have to be a cycle like this where every renewal is preceded by destruction. The extremes exist only because there is a middle way and this middle way is what Sustainable Development stands for.

With the growing scarcity of resources and ever-increasing demand, how do we plan for better use of available land resources combining agriculture, forestry, and conservation in raising the quality of life and restoring ecological balance? Well, this is what our upcoming Cloud Chat Session is about.

About Restoring Urban Ecology

“Restoring Urban Ecology” is our, sort of poignant take on how the urbanisation resulted in losing out on some really critical ecosystems and how it ended up impacting our lives. Starting from the Gangetic plains of the North which were once lush green to the aquatic ecosystem in Western India, this Cloud Chat session with some of the biggest Sustainability crusaders of the country will touch on workable solutions for sustained development and co-existence of the humans along with the other species.

In addition, the panel will also be discussing the major steps taken towards the reclamation of the lakes in Bangalore and what needs to be done further to improve this situation.

Knowing the Speakers

Mr Patanjali Jha

Patanjali Jha is currently the Director-General of Investigation Income Tax for Karnataka and Goa. He has pioneered and experimented on the concepts of multi-layered and no-till farming at a farm called Vanya. 

Mr Jha is a Post Graduate in Economics from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics

Maj Gen D A Chaturvedi

Major Gen. D A Chaturvedi is a Kirti Chakra Recipient and the Ex-Head Territorial Army which was responsible for undertaking various ecological initiatives for improvement of the Indian aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Most notable of these initiatives has been the “Clean Ganga” campaign. In addition to this, Maj Gen Chaturvedi’s territorial army unit has also worked for the Indian Railways, the oil sector and for LOC fencing.

Who All Can Attend the Webinar

Literally anyone who is conscious about the environment and believes even 10% in the concept of Sustainable Development

Register Here to attend the session on 24th May 2020; 7 p.m. IST|| 9:30 a.m. EST