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Looking for a new home? Want a cozy place at cheap rates? Try shipping container houses. Why? Because it’s not only cheaper, its recyclable and eco-friendly and with right design it can be made as luxurious as a five-star hotel.  

Shipping containers are used for exporting and importing goods in large quantities. They are disposable but it is cheaper to receive new containers than to send the empty containers back. As a result, many such empty containers lie dormant in shipyards. Making a house of these containers is not only a sustainable option, but also economical and highly efficient.

These houses are trending worldwide with more and more people making sustainable choices. There are numerous benefits of these eco-friendly houses-

  • Affordability – Used containers can be found for as low as $2000. These containers come in various sizes and a home can be built by putting together two or more of these containers and removing the side walls and joining them.
  • Speed – While a traditional house takes months to build these containers can be built in few days. The manpower required to build these homes is not much.
  • Creative interior and exterior designs – These houses can be designed and decorated easily in plenty of creative ways. With solar panels at the roof, there would be no need to worry about shortage of electricity. Gardens and swimming pools can easily be built inside these houses. And these houses are easy to redesign over and over.
  • Solving housing problem – As population is growing at a constant rate, these compact houses are the future of living. They do not take much space so a lot of people can live in a small area without congestion.

On the downside, there are still some things to consider like in summertime, the container can become very hot and in winter, it can become a freezer. But with proper technology, these things can be dealt with.  

The world is evolving fast and so are our houses. Containers are our sustainable way of fighting pollution while living cozily.

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