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Honey’s existence has been there since as far as one can record, honey has been used as various forms as offering to Gods across various cultures like Egyptian, Greeks, Romans, etc. Today there is no part of the world where honey is not used as part of cultural diet. Honey is sweet viscous liquid produced by bees from sweet secretions of plants, the nectar collected almost has 600 compounds. High quality honey is a natural anti-oxidant that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar. Honey is graded by colour – clear, amber honey is more sought after than darker colour honey. Flavour of honey depends on the flowers from which nectar is harvested.

Our natural pure honey is sourced from Purniadistrict, Bihar by tribals who have been provided honey aviaries to collect honey from our natural farms with aim to give them respectful living.

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