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Ginger belongs to herbaceous plant Zingiberaceae family that is grown today across the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and America. Originally it was found & cultivated in South East Asia before travelling to the Indian sub-continent and then across the globe.

Ginger is a pungent, aromatic root used as a spice for flavouring, food and medicine, it has multiple uses and has been used in India and China for both culinary and medical purposes since centuries. Ginger is known for its many benefits like reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, curing common cold and flu, helping indigestion, improving joint health and respiratory health, etc.

Dry ginger powder can be used as a spice for cooking or added to buttermilk or to make chutney or for baking or making kadha or drink or added to desi tea, etc.

Our ginger is cultivated during the rains on our natural food forest Vivavan in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh as an underground root as it helps fix nitrogen for our fruit trees. We peel the ginger before sun-drying, we ground and freshly pack the ginger powder so that it is fresh and aromatic. Svaguna’s ginger powder is made from natural ginger – it is free of any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc and is aromatic and flavourful.

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