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The Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi is the first IIM to become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact supported initiative, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). UNGC- PRME is a platform to ensure the engagement of future leaders of tomorrow with the skills to balance the economic and sustainability goals.

IIM Ranchi UNGC – PRME is very conscious of its responsibilities towards the environment, and constantly endeavours to remind people of the adverse impact their seemingly insignificant activities may have on sustainability. Be it running a simple but effective campaign encouraging people to end their meals with a clean plate instead of wasting food, UNGC PRME in IIM Ranchi has always forced people to look inward and rethink their actions.


A collaboration between IIM Ranchi UNGC – PRME and AGON, the management fest of IIM Ranchi is, thus, bound to be inevitable, and also highly fruitful. AGON is the perfect platform to further PRME’s cause of sustainability, and the UNGC PRME initiatives on the anvil for AGON beautifully highlight the socially responsible side of AGON.  IIM Ranchi UNGC – PRME has planned a series of engaging activities throughout the course of Agon to act as a persistent reminder of our duty towards the environment, prompting people to adopt a more responsible approach.

They propose to have IIM Ranchi’s very own Earth Day, titled ‘Earth Every Day’. The event will aim to compensate for the additional energy used during AGON. Students will be encouraged to refrain from using electricity for half an hour, instead of relying on natural sources of light to keep their surroundings illuminated. Further, they can click a picture of their room, lit with natural light such as candles and upload it on Facebook, tagging the official page of IIM Ranchi UNGC PRME. The best entries will be rewarded with UNGC PRME goodies.

A Photography Contest named ‘Eco-thon’ will be conducted, pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by UNGC PRME. Participants can choose any one Sustainable Development Goal as the theme, post which they have to send a picture along with a caption or hashtag, as well as a short description of the idea that they are trying to convey in the photo. They should also post it on Facebook, tagging the official page of UNGC PRME IIM Ranchi. The entries will be judged on the basis of the appropriateness of theme, the uniqueness of concept, clarity and creativity of captions and hashtags.

Another initiative by IIM Ranchi UNGC PRME is ‘Selfie with Earth’, wherein a selfie booth will be present on 29th and 30th September as AGON 4.0 is being conducted, depicting a balanced ecosystem. Space will be provided to write a creative slogan on the theme for protecting nature. Selfies will be uploaded on the official Facebook page of IIM Ranchi UNGC PRME.

AGON 4.0, through its association with UNGC PRME, continues to be a torchbearer among educational institutions when it comes to ushering its students on the path of environmentally responsible behaviour to promote sustainability.