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Pollution in the cities has become one of the mounting concern in the last decade. According to WHO report 2016, out of the 1,215 most polluted cities recorded, 133 were Indian cities. There are 31 Indian cities in the top 100 most polluted cities. India had 13 cities in the world’s top 20 most polluted cities with Delhi leading the list. With an increasing number of acute air pollution episodes in many cities in India, here comes a solution which can quantifiably improve air quality.

The technology is developed by Green City Solutions and they have named it City Tree. The City Tree – Smart Street Furniture consists of an integrated set up with a vertical planter, a bench for people to sit and an embedded IoT technology. The IoT Technology monitors the plant growth and watering. The vertical garden or the green wall accommodates more than 1600 pots of moss. The living plants play a critical role in curbing air pollution and smoke. Therefore offering cool air and purifying the air around. The four-meter living wall absorbs air pollution equivalent to as many as 275 trees.

Beside air purification, the smartest item about the city tree is that it is self-sustainable and self-reliant. The integrated smart bench consists of an IoT technology and solar panels. The IoT device monitors the plant growth, external environment and directs the irrigation & nutrient required for the moss. The solar panel sends power to the built-in rainwater collection unit and commands the required signal.

The City Tree is currently operational in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Beijing. Let’s hope the technology soon reaches Indian cities.

Image Source: Green City Solutions